Mom Loses Custody of Kids After Husband Says Her Green Hair and Tattoos Make Her an ‘Unfit Parent’

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A mother has spoken out about the extreme consequences she’s faced for her unique style.

Here’s the full story…

Whether you want to express yourself, add a reminder of a happy memory to your body, or simply decorate yourself with things that you think are beautiful, getting a tattoo can be very fun.

The fact that a huge amount of people walk around sporting ink that they’ve injected underneath their skin is a little odd.

But there is a downside to getting inked.

Most tattoos are pretty difficult to ignore, thanks to their vibrant colors and graphic lines.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with looking striking, of course…

But for one woman in Saudi Arabia, her tattoos have caused her a whole lot of trouble.

The mom, who works as an influencer, recently lost custody of her children after her husband persuaded a court that she was an unfit mother due to her tattoos.

And people are, quite understandably, disgusted.

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Refa Al-Yemi is an influencer on TikTok and Snapchat…

Where she posts fitness, health and beauty videos for her followers.

But last month, the mom was kidnapped by relatives who felt her unique look brought shame on the family.

Not only that but after being kidnapped, her husband was awarded custody of their children. He claimed her tattoos and hair color were “proof” that she wasn’t fit to be a parent. 

According to reports, Refa was forcibly kidnapped from her apartment by family members, who tried to take her to her hometown…

But thankfully, police stopped the car and arrested the 4 people who were involved.

Rumours quickly started to surface that the influencer had been taken for an “honor killing.”

With the hashtag #IsRefaKilled? trending on Twitter.

Authorities have said Refa is now in a safe location and being looked after.

But human rights activists have slammed her treatment for being a woman with a voice and an identity.

In a tweet, human rights defender Lina Alhathloul claimed: “Rafa was an independent woman. Her male relatives did not like it and abducted her.”

“She was found by the police, and instead of being saved, she was put in a care home aka a prison.”
This is truly horrific, but sadly a lot more common than you’d think.
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