Mom Who Lost All Her Teeth During Pregnancy Shows off Beauty Transformation

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A mom who lost her teeth during pregnancy now uses clip-on dentures and she has gone viral on TikTok after she showed off her beauty transformation.

Alicia, who goes by “princxssglitterhead” on TikTok, experienced multiple teeth problems and repairs during her last stages of pregnancy.

Her before and after TikTok videos show Alicia going from toothless and makeup-less, to dolled up with pearly white dentures. She wants to help other people feeling insecure about dental issues they too might be experiencing.

“Once we get to a point with our teeth, we don’t even envision it better,” Alicia said in an earlier YouTube video, “We’re just too complacent, and I accepted it as my fate — you just have crappy teeth and you’re never going to like ’em.”

Alicia didn’t experience any dental issues growing up, except from one front tooth that was smaller than the rest. During her first pregnancy at the age of twenty-one, she experienced toothaches but wasn’t too concerned. “I had no idea how much the pregnancy was really affecting my body until I had my baby,” she said.

At this point in her journey, her 2 front teeth broke and she was able to get partial replacements.

“It took a huge hit on me emotionally that I was losing my teeth,” she explained, “[My husband] married me with perfect teeth… and then the next year his wife is missing front teeth.”

Alicia, now thirty-six, had 3 more babies before turning thirty-one, with each pregnancy causing dental issues and prompting a variety of expensive treatments, which were limited by what she could afford in her budget with a growing family. She said she remembers calling the dentist after her second baby “feeling like it was the end of my life.”

But finally, in Alicia’s early thirties, she found a dentist that worked out a long term financial plan and created the clip-in dentures she’s now showing off today!

All together, it cost Alicia $16,900 that she’s going to pay off over a 5 year span.

“It’s been over 2 years for me, and I’m really still feeling like so stunned that I feel like myself,” she said.

Alicia said genetics and mediocre nutrition contributed to her tooth decay through pregnancy. She’d also feared the dentist ever since vomiting after accidentally swallowing fluoride during an appointment as a child. “That led me to delay treatment.”

Even though Alicia feels more herself with her new dentures and now supports those who may be going through similar experiences, dental care during pregnancy is vital in order to prevent tooth decay and pregnancy tumours. It is important that pregnant people continue to brush their teeth twice a day and visit their dentist at least ONCE during the nine months of pregnancy.

If you are sick due to morning sickness throughout your pregnancy, you can rinse out your mouth after getting sick with a water/baking soda mix or a mouthwash with fluoride, and wait an hour before brushing.

Alicia thinks its so important to be able to find a dentist who can meet your unique and individual needs.

“It’s really important that you explore your options,” she said, “Just look into it. You don’t have to make any decisions, just let your curiosity find you what you need. Don’t be afraid to look.”

Well, we think Alicia is beautiful both inside and out!