Mom Uses Chocolate Chip Metaphor to Back up Why She Tells People She ‘Made’ Her Daughter Herself

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A mom on TikTok has explained why she says: “Thanks, I made her myself,” after being complimented for her child.

Growing a baby for a whole 9 months (or longer) is a huge accomplishment, one that every mother should be congratulated on. And for one mom on TikTok, she has taken on that pride, often announcing that she “made” her child herself, leaving her husband wondering, “What about me?” And the way she addresses this question makes a lot of sense.

Stacey Reese, whose username on TikTok is @That.Mother.Hustler, shared a clip explaining that whenever she’s complimented for her child, she responds: “Thanks, I made her myself!”

When her husband asks, “Don’t you mean we made her?” she replies: “You simply provided me with an ingredient I needed for my recipe. Just because I get chocolate chips from Wal-Mart when I’m making cookies, doesn’t mean I then go around saying ‘me and Wal-Mart made chocolate chip cookies.'”

She’s got a good point.

And Facebook users have chimed in on their thoughts about her unique look on childbirth…

“100 percent sure he provided half of the genetic material, but the baby doesn’t just ‘cook’ on its own. What follows is 9 months of continuous ‘baking’; eating the right foods, taking vitamins, making doctor appointments, avoiding unhealthy foods and products, and sooooo much more. Not to mention that the oven will never be the same as it was before,” one person commented. “None of which the dad had to endure. I, for sure, ‘made’ my kids myself, but my husband and I both raise them. Which is what ultimately matters.”

“I think for some men this is true. My husband not only gave me the chocolate chips but he also provided the cookie sheet, mixer, utensils, fridge to keep all the ingredients, electricity to run the oven, a kitchen for the oven, a house for the oven, and the oven mitts to take the cookie out. Not all men support a woman throughout pregnancy, but the men who do really deserve credit,” another added.

One person said: “This is like when non-birthing parents say ‘we’re pregnant,’ until the nutrition and oxygen necessary to continued living was apportioned to your future human before you could use any of it, you weren’t pregnant. Until the calcium is leached from your teeth to build the bones of your tiny parasite, you did not ‘make’ it. The spark is not the fire.”

However, some saw it as “disrespectful” and “putting her partner down.” But she had a comeback for those comments too: “For those so concerned, I am simply talking about the initial ‘making’ of the child (before it’s born)—not raising it. My husband is a great father! We are fifty-fifty raising her… Well, maybe eighty-twenty.”

We love how empowered she is to give credit where credit’s due. Good for her!