Mom Mortified After Finding Out She’s Been Calling Her Son the Wrong Name His Entire Life

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A mom has taken to Reddit to ask “Am I The A**hole?” after she found out that she’s been calling her son the wrong name all this time…

Sometimes parents pick baby names that are just plain weird…

And every now and then you’ll get someone who struggles to pronounce it.

However, you wouldn’t expect that someone to be the mother of the child…

However, that’s exactly the case for one mom who discovered she’d been calling her son the wrong name this whole time.

But before we reveal the baby’s name, let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre names that have made it into the spotlight in the past…


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin also went for a foody option.


Friends star Courteney Cox’s baby sounds delicious!

Blue Ivy

You can’t expect Beyonce to do things by halves, right?


Busy Phillips took her inspiration from the animal kingdom instead.


Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s kid is so over Brooklyn …


Mariah Carey clearly wishes stardom on her kids!


Cardi B totally went for it with her baby name!


Kourtney Kardashian went for a regal theme.


We literally can’t choose the weirdest of Kimye’s baby names.


Kylie Jenner’s kid did give us one of the most iconic memes of the year, though.


Well, you didn’t expect Diplo to go for a conventional name, did you?


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Kate Winslet clearly wanted a baby to cuddle with.


George Lucas went for a pretty epic-sounding name.



Toni Braxton paid tribute to everyone’s favorite pants material.


Erykah Badu was obviously never going to go for a common name.


Fergie is a huge ice-skating fan.


Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) took the floral name theme to the next level.


Dusty? Are you sure, Adam Levine?


Nicole Richie went for the least glamorous of birds.


Michael Jackson’s very offbeat choice here.


Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s baby name is kind of sadly ironic.


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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes plumped for one of the lesser-known Disney princesses.


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Sam Worthington went more “out of this world” with his choice.


Jena Malone is clearly a poetry and nature fan.


Holly Madison’s choice is very kitschy – and colorful.


We hate to admit we find Zooey Deschanel’s choice kind of cute.


Really not sure what Jason Lee was going for here.


While Alanis Morisette is feeling darker.


You may not think Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ choice is too unusual – until you realize that choice was for their daughter…


A pretty cute name for Liv Tyler’s offspring.


Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are obviously fans of Sleeping Beauty.


Kelly Rowland opted for something altogether more violent.

Willow Sage

Pink opted for another “natural” name …


Was David and Victoria Beckham’s kid named after the place he was conceived?


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Nicholas Cage paid tribute to his love for Superman by giving his kid Clark Kent’s Kryptonite name.


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Bob Geldof actually went off-piste with all his kids’ names – from Fifi Trixabelle to Pixie.


Hilary Duff wanted to get fiscal with her baby name.


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Richard Gere was apparently inspired by a family name – but we know your mind just goes to The Simpsons


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s child is named after the least glamorous food.


Adam Sandler’s baby name brings positivity – or at least, he hopes so!

And finally, a woman on Reddit has shared the unusual name her cousin, Liam, and his wife gave to their child…

According to the post, the woman explained that Liam and his wife gave their child an Irish name due to his ancestral background.

In the post she didn’t share the child’s real name, but used a different one as an example…

She wrote: “Liam grew up in England, married an English girl, and had a son, who’s 4. For the sake of this post let’s say they named him ‘Oisin,’ which is an Irish name that is meant to be pronounced like ‘oh sheen.'”

She then explained that her and her 3-year-old-son went to visit, and had only previously seen his name spelled out in text…

She continued: “I had met Liam before when we were kids and teens (just a few times), but since Oisin was born we had only texted, so I had never heard Liam pronounce Oisin’s name. We went to the park, we met up with them, and I said ‘this must be Oisin.’ Liam asked why I said it like that. I asked what he meant. He said it’s pronounced like ‘oi sin.’ Like hoisin sauce without the h. I tried to move past it, introduced my son, sent the boys off to play.”

The post continued: “Liam’s wife asked about my son’s name (also very Irish) and I told her. Liam joked that with all I know about Irish names, it was shocking that I’d mispronounced his son’s name so badly. I said something like ‘I’m not the one mispronouncing it.'”

The couple refused to believe what she was saying, and after the visit, she got a call from Liam’s parents asking why she’d told them they were pronouncing it wrong and that “oi sin” was in fact correct.

She said: “It’s really not. They said they were in Ireland until they were eighteen, so there’s no way they could be saying it wrong…”

“During this conversation, I also got a message from Liam saying I’d really upset his wife because she’s now convinced that they’ve been calling their son the wrong name his entire life and that she loved his name before she met me.”

After the whole ordeal, she was branded an “a**hole” by the family…

However, many commenters chimed in, in support of the woman.

One said: “If people are going to use our language and culture they could at least have the decency to learn how to say it.”

While another said: “I’m American and the number of people here who use alternative spellings and pronunciation is dizzying. I also agree that she was right to react that way at first meeting as long as she is respectfully going forward.”

What do you think?