Any mom will tell you that it's not easy. But one thing that seems to make it harder is the feeling you're constantly being judged by everybody and it's safe to say that the internet isn't always the friendliest place for moms.

Which is what makes this story even more special. One mom has taken to TikTok to help normalize the way parents' homes really look - and the result has had a surprisingly emotional response!

Emily Feret (also known as TikTok user @emilyjeanne333) has decided to use her TikTok to "normalize normalcy." While you may be used to seeing clean homes with aesthetically trendy white walls and organization that would make Marie Kondo proud, Emily shows the reality of what many moms' homes are actually like.

She shows her home in all its natural glory, with cluttered countertops, piles of mess, laundry everywhere, and a healthy dose of chaos.

And since she started sharing these videos (which have turned into a popular series on MomTok), the response has been overwhelming. It seems there are moms everywhere who feel the exact same way about their homes!

"I was really tired of feeling 'less than' and comparing myself to other lives portrayed on social media," Emily told Motherly. "Nothing validates me more than when I know someone out there is going through the exact same thing as me. I know I am a good mom. I wanted other moms, and really anyone out there, that if their life does not look like an Instagram post it doesn't mean you aren't doing well."

"The mess isn't going to go anywhere. You have young kids. You're at home all the time. You're living in your home. It's going to look lived-in, and that's okay," Emily shared in one of her most popular TikTok videos. "Your kids are little. Enjoy them. Love them. I want you to know that you're doing enough by doing exactly what you're doing right now."

"All I have ever wanted to do is to help other people," she goes on. "The response has been overwhelming. I have people sending me gifts and celebrities commenting on my posts. It's incredibly surreal. I started TikTok as a way to survive quarantine whilst I was pregnant with a toddler and the fact that it has grown into something that is helping people and has brought together an awesome community is incredible."

And it seems the internet agrees. "I know this is supposed to be trendy and funny, but I don't think you realize how much you're helping moms," wrote one commenter. Another puts it more simply, "Literally, I'm in tears. I don't feel so alone."

We're not crying, you're crying! This is what makes the internet great.