29-Year-Old Mom-of-8 Is Pregnant Again After Giving Birth Just 5 Months Ago

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Raising a big family isn’t for everyone but for one mom it’s what she’s always wanted…

Yalancia Rosario is a mom of 8 boys who is pregnant again with her 9th child…

Despite giving birth just 5 months ago!

The twenty-nine-year-old is a mom to Jamel aged twelve, Michael Jr, 9, Angelo, 8, Armani, 6, Prince, 5, Sincere, 3, Armani, 1, and Khaza, 5 months.

Rosario and her husband, Michael Rosario, also had another boy, Armani who sadly died during her first trimester. 

Having a big family might not be for everyone, but for Rosario, it’s something she’s “always wanted.”

Speaking with the Sun, she explained: “I’ve always wanted a big family of 10 because I grew up as the oldest of seven and wanted to have my own big family to create memories with.”

Rosario is not currently on any contraceptives, though when a “few of [her] boys were conceived” she was. 

“I don’t use contraceptives anymore,” she said. “We live within our means and have a great budgeting system setup.”

Rosario, who frequently documents their family life on Instagram and Tik Tok, believes that she was destined to be a mom due to her “nurturing and patient soul.”

It’s those same characteristics that help her to ensure that the boys never miss out on anything.

Explaining how their daily life looks, Rosario said: “We all wake up around 6 AM, get ready for the day, have breakfast together, have our talks of affirmations and get everyone off to school.”

While the children are at school, Rosario gets “loads of clothes washed, get meals cooked and I tend to my younger kids at home as well as cleaning.”

Then, when older children return from school, they “start our evening routines of eating homework chores and family dinner with designated family nights.”

Having a big brood certainly doesn’t sound like easy work, but Rosario wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I love being a mega mother and I don’t regret it.”

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