Mom-of-Five Says She’ll Bring Whole Family to Any Party She’s Invited To

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You either get all of me or none of me. That’s the saying, right?

Well, this mom truly means that when she says that she brings her whole herd to any party they’re invited to.

Yep, that’s right. Jeena Wilder brings all 5 of her children and her partner to any party her individual children are invited to.

And people’s opinions varied on the matter.

Sharing a video on the TikTok platform, she wrote:
“POV when you invite 1 of my children to a birthday party.”

And then she wrote: “You invite 1 child, you get all of us,” turning around waving and dancing, with her children and partner following her.

“Don’t worry, we bring awesome gifts,” she finished.

But, TikTok users didn’t quite understand why all of the clan had to rock up to an event 1 child’s invited to, concerning themselves with the fact the child will not and does not have any individual experiences.

“I would never do this, if someone only wants one of your kids at the party, you have to respect their decision,” someone wrote in response to her video.

“No. C’mon. Each child deserves their own individual experiences without their siblings,” another voiced.

Another questioned: “So you don’t allow your children to have individual experiences? 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩”

But, she didn’t expect to receive these responses, and she told Today of her surprise, too.

Talking to the news outlet, Wilder explained that she runs in a friendship group that loves to bring their whole family to events, as well.

β€œIt’s a small group of friends where we all have multiple kids, but all of our kids are under a certain age,” she explained before saying that she finds it weird that parents just drop their children off at events, and then just “run” without meeting other parents.

But, when her children are older, Jeena has said she will take a step back, letting them do their own thing.

“As they get older, they will have more freedom because I’ve been there to show them how to act,” she said to the news outlet.

But for now, you either get all of them, or none of them.

And that’s why she admitted that she splashes out on more exquisite gifts, so as to make up for the fact that they might actually be unwanted guests at a party they attend.

What do you think? Would you show up as a full family even if only 1 child has been invited? Or would you just drop them off?