As parents, you try to do what best for your children and give them opportunities. But, it's not always possible.

Like for one mom who was unable to send her daughter on a field trip because she couldn't afford to pay the $6. This is truly heartbreaking...

Parenting is hard. Full stop.

All you want to do is give your child the best start to life.

Give them opportunities...

And the chance to experience things.

But sometimes, that's just not possible as factors like money can be a huge issue for families.

Some parents sadly sometimes have to make the decision between giving their child 3 meals a day and feeding themselves for just one.

It's an incredibly difficult situation for anyone to be in...

And one mom was recently left heartbroken after being unable to afford the funds for her daughter's school field trip.

Rebeka Stewart is a twenty-eight-year-old mom of 3 from the U.K who is struggling finically.

For Rebeka and her children, Codie-Leigh, Mya-Lou, and Harper-Jae, in order to make ends meet this year, they will have to miss out on things like birthdays and days out.

Though birthdays have always been a simple affair...

With daughter Codie celebrating her birthday last year with a budget supermarket cake and biscuits bought for 30 pence. In an interview with the Mirror, Rebeka said, "It’s Codie’s birthday soon but she won’t be able to have a party and she looks forward to that so much every year."

While money has always been an issue, this additional struggle with finances is a result of the current pandemic.

Rebeka would usually receive a government "Budgeting Loan" and cash-in-hand working at a local pizza shop, but as a result of the pandemic, both of these incomes have come to a halt.

Rebeka now receives only £128 ($170) every 2 weeks of income support.

She also receives child benefits of £117 ($156), a child tax credit of £48 a week ($68), and £13 ($17) to support her daughter, Harper-Jae.

So little in fact, that she often can't afford the essentials.

When Rebeka's kitchen tap broke, she had to pay over $60 to have it replaced.

As a result, she didn't eat a single meal for 3 days.

She said, "The gas and heating stayed on and the girls got fed, even if it was only beans on toast. It meant that I didn’t eat anything for three days and when my family found out they went mad at me for not saying anything.

“They have their own problems, they don’t need mine piled on top, but my aunty forced me to go and have a meal at hers. She said I’d end up in hospital otherwise."

Though Rebeka will put her children before herself, she can't always give them what they want even... if it costs only $6.

People have shared their responses to this heartbreaking story...


With many feeling thankful for what they have and questioning how this can be happening still.

Though some were not so understanding.


With them pointing the blame.

Codie had to recently miss her school field trip as Rebeka couldn't find $6 to spare.

Rebeka explained, "Codie had to miss her school trip, it was awful when her friends were going and she couldn’t but I’d been robbing Peter to pay Paul that week and we just didn’t have the money."

"I tried to make it up to her but I could tell how disappointed she was to miss out."

A difficult position for any mom.

What a heartbreaking situation.


We hope Rebeka and her children will pull through this difficult patch soon! Keep scrolling for more mom struggles...