Mom out of Work Due to Pandemic Now Has a Business Selling Tiny Picnic Tables for Squirrels

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Out of the millions who are sadly unemployed due to the pandemic, one mom has created the best business selling tiny picnic tables… especially for squirrels.

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Millions of people are now living in unemployment thanks to the global pandemic…

And one mom who lost her job has created an amazing little business for the most unlikely of customers.  

It has completely taken the world by a storm.

And over 200,000 have tragically lost their lives.

And now, the United States is the worst affected country in the world.

Our country has taken a brutal hit and way too many people have lost their lives at the hands of this deadly virus.

It’s sad to admit that we, as a country, haven’t been handling this situation very well at all.

Hundreds of thousands haven’t been abiding by the government’s advice to self-isolate and practice social distancing… which has ultimately spread the virus even more.

Or else, more lives will continue to be lost.

And millions of people around the world have found themselves unemployed thanks to the closure of many businesses – including bars, restaurants, retailers, and schools.

And so many people are now struggling to make ends meet which is terribly stressful – especially for families.

And it well and truly paid off!

And before the pandemic, she worked as a lunchroom and playground aid at a school in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

And, like many others, she is spending her time at home with a lot of time to kill.

She thought to herself, “Oh my god, I want one,” and her friend told her they were $20 to buy. “I just got laid off for [a few weeks] at that time so I was, like, no, I can’t afford it,” she said to BuzzFeed News.

He surprised Maris by making one for her 2 days later. Maria explained that she brings him baked goods from time to time, so this was his nice gesture back.

“I decorated it with a little tablecloth and little flowers, and I posted it to Facebook and people were like, ‘I want one!'” Maria said. So, she convinced Rob to make a few more to sell to her friends.

So he decided to tweet about his mom’s little venture.

And clearly, everyone else agrees! “I decided to tweet about it to see if any of my friends would want one and it instantly blew up — I’m not sure how, but it’s been crazy ever since,” Dominick explained about his tweet, which has now been liked over 105,000 times.

And it is an extra $2 for a tiny picnic blanket and bow-wrapped peanuts for your squirrels.

He’s helping her with field inquiries by taking DMs on Twitter from interested customers.

According to Maria, Rob made twenty-seven tables over the weekend, and customers and strangers on the internet love them.

“I can’t believe how many people have even commented on my son’s tweet. I can’t wrap my brain around. That’s for one,” she said. “The people that I have met 10 feet away and talking to them has been unbelievable. They’re friendly. It makes me feel so good during this time, to see them happy. That’s really the biggest thing.”

“They’re so excited – it’s so funny to see how happy they are to see a little table,” Maria said of her customers. “I’ve met some super nice people.”

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