A mom has sparked a huge debate after sharing a snap of padded bras being sold for 6-year-olds...

Both Calvin Klein and Nordstrom have found themselves at the center of backlash.

And it's all surrounding a padded bra being sold in the girls' section.

The outrage was set off by a post on Facebook.

A fierce debate ensued, with people sharing various takes on the clothing item.

Now, it all happened during a shopping trip to Nordstrom.

But shopper, Angela Fellars, noticed something interesting on the racks.

Angela had spotted padded bras in the girls' section.

Furious, she took to Facebook to share a photo of her find.

"These are padded bras for SIX-YEAR-OLDS -- WTAF, Nordstrom & Calvin Klein?" she captioned her post.

"Rare F-bomb drop on a public FB post. But it's warranted," she then commented.

The post solicited a huge reaction, sparking a debate on as to what is appropriate for little girls.

And it's safe to say, the reactions were mixed.

Some people were completely outraged, concerned that the garment over-sexualizes children.

And others were very confused over the company's marketing.

Although some had a very different take on the issue...

Check out the full post below.

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