Mom Under Fire For Packing a Boiled Egg in Her Daughter’s Lunchbox

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A mom has been forced to defend her choice to pack a boiled egg in her daughter’s lunchbox after she has been slammed as “reckless” due to allergy risks in the school.

“My daughter is allergic to eggs, it’s the most common allergy according to our allergist, more common than nuts,” one mom said, as per the Daily Mail.

The mom in question posted a picture of the neatly packed lunch box for her kid on a Facebook group but instead of receiving friendly comments, she was slammed for her choice in protein instead.

“One of my daughter’s friends from kinder was allergic to so much that even if someone touched a nut or egg and touched her, she would come out in welts,” another parent said.

However, the mother defended her decision to send her child to school with boiled eggs by claiming that all the children in her daughter’s class have no allergies to them, so there’s no issue for anyone.

“They have implied I don’t care about allergies which isn’t the case. My daughter also loves almonds but I don’t send those or peanut butter sandwiches because of the allergy risk. There isn’t an egg issue in my daughters kinder if there was a serious issue I would never put a child’s life at risk,” she explained.

The lunchbox included a sandwich, some chopped strawberries, vegetable chips, a muesli bar, yogurt drops, and the egg.
Some parents did actually comment on how delicious the lunchbox looked, with some even asking where the mum picked up her yogurt drops so they could get their kids some!

“So, don’t steal other people’s lunches and you don’t have to worry about being allergic” one person commented on social media.

Others commented things like “Wow Karen’s everywhere”, and “She packed the lunch for her child, not the other person’s child, some people just need attention.”

The mom just wanted to show off her lunch box skills and have a little bit of fun with some other parents in a popular Facebook group…

Is there so much wrong with that?!
Do you think children should be allowed eggs at school or are both eggs and nuts in the same allergy category?