It seems that nowadays, all the news we get is bad news. Whether it's political, environmental, or social, everything can often feel horrible and hard - and it can be all too tempting to just give up.

Which is why, when we hear some truly heartwarming news, we think it's important and valuable to share it. And boy, do we have a doozy today.

One mom has shared an adorable note and pay packet left to her son by the builders he was "helping" - and the internet's hearts are full!

We live in a near-constant news cycle.

While in the past, learning what was going on in the world was restricted to certain times and places, we now live in constant information overload.

And often the news we get is hardly cheering.

It's a wonder we can still get up in the morning!

And there is plenty to be gloomy about.

The state of the planet can serve as a big source of anxiety - and can serve to make us feel particularly helpless and doomed.

Often, checking your phone can feel like this.

It can make it seem as though the world is a pretty bleak, scary place to exist.

It's enough to make anyone upset.

Staying on top of the news, when it feels like a barrage of one negative after another, can feel like a thankless task.

But what's the alternative?

Really, the only way to remain unaffected by the bad news cycle is to go totally apathetic - which doesn't seem very appealing, either!

Which renders us all feeling like Michael Scott.

Which is really no way to be - and that is why we're really thrilled to bring you this story today.

Because when you hear some good news, it's important to spread it.

It can cut through the noise of the negativity and serve to seriously improve your day - and your mood.

Reading some good news can seriously change everything.

It can serve as a valuable reminder that, in spite of all the doom and gloom, the world isn't just a bad place.

It can give us a much-needed lift.

And when you hear good news, it even works as inspiration to spread more joy to our (sometimes bleak) world.

It can be truly heartwarming.

And when it feels like the world exists just to crush our spirits, it's nice to get a warm and fuzzy feeling instead.

Good news can bring people together.

Because really, life is nothing without the people we share it with.

As this story proves.

The particular news has taken the internet by storm this week, as people have found some much needed relief from the barrage of negativity.

It comes from a mother who'd had builder's working on her house.

Which, as many of us can agree, isn't usually a particularly pleasant experience.

But this mom also had a son.

A son who (rather worryingly) wanted to "help."

Which you may think have been irritating to the builders.

But you'd be very wrong.

Because when the task was done ...

And the mom paid the builders ...

They repaid the kindness.

Offering the son a little bit of cash, too!

The mom tweeted the note.

And, needless to say, the internet went wild.

Here's a closer look at the note.

This is honestly too cute for words.

We're not crying!

You're crying! (Actually, it seems like we're not the only ones feeling emotional!)

Yes, it's safe to say the internet is loving this story.

Twitter has gone wild with heartwarming responses.

Many had one question.

Who is this adorable builder?

And what's even better?

It seems this actually happens more commonly than we thought. Cute!

We love a cheering news story!

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