A horrified mother was forced to pull her son out of school when his teacher allegedly "taped his mouth shut."

Here's the full story...

Now, this story has horrified and outraged many...

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Because teachers are the people who are responsible for the education and livelihoods of our children which, ultimately, will help to shape them into well-rounded adults.

The majority of children look up to their teachers...

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And they see them as a solid influence in their young lives.

So if a teacher is seen doing anything...

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Their classroom will more than likely mimic whatever it is they're doing.

Because at the end of the day...

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They're role models!

But there are certain things role models shouldn't be doing...

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And that's taping children's mouths shut.

As stated earlier, one mother was completely horrified upon finding out what had happened to her 7-year-old son at school.

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The mother, from Auckland, New Zealand, recently explained how her son had been talking during a lesson with a group of boys.

His teacher, clearly irritated by the boys' talking, decided to take action in a somewhat unconventional manner...

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And it has now resulted in the boy being pulled from the school as a result of his "anxiety."

Since hearing about her actions, parents from all over the world have been left completely outraged...

In an attempt to stop the talking, the teacher taped the groups' mouths shut.

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But, to add a twist to the tale, the school's principal, Rob Taylor, has since confirmed the incident took place but claims it was "a game."

In a letter written to the boy's mother, Taylor said this:

"A careful and thorough investigation was finally able to be completed yesterday with the last of the parents of these children being interviewed. These things do take time, based on the availability of key people needing to be free to meet with us."

He continued:

"All children involved and their parents, excluding [student], have now been interviewed appropriately by the school's social worker, who informs me that [staff member's] perspective that this was a game [sic] that the children appeared to enjoy and wished to play with her by all accounts the correct version of this event."

Taylor added that the boy would be able to get counseling through the Ministry of Education if the experience had upset him.

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However, this response wasn't good enough for the furious mum, who was outraged no one had apologized despite the incident happening back in November. She said: "I asked my 7-year-old what he thought about all this, and he said: 'When we do something wrong in class we have to say sorry and that we won't do it again, why can't the teacher?'."

The school says police have now been called in to investigate the matter...

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And the young boy was forced to take 2 weeks off as a result of "anxiety" from the incident. Within Taylor's letter to the mother, a statement from the staff member in question was included: "I am very upset by what has happened and very to [the student] and [the parents] for causing upset to your family." What do you think? For more controversial teacher stories, scroll on...