Mom Puts Children to Bed Wearing The Next Day’s Clothes and Says it ‘Works Wonders’

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Parenting is hard, full stop. Things will always go wrong, and no matter what you do, people will always criticize how you choose to do things.

Well, one mom has been pretty vocal about some parenting hacks she’s learned while raising two young daughters. And she’s received a lot of mixed responses…

And you learn new skills and life lessons.

And more than often, it can be hard. Very hard.

And the tantrums.

But that doesn’t by any means make you a bad parent.

And one is getting them ready for the day.

And she has received a lot of mixed responses.

As well as sharing the top hacks she wishes she’d have known before becoming a mom.

“My daughters like to dress themselves from head to toe,” Lamond said. “On days I’m working in particular, I don’t have a spare hour while they pull up one sock.”

The next day all she has to do is wake them up, and they’re ready to go, adding: “It works wonders for me and where I’m at in life at the moment.”

Saying she always does the weekly shop online and keeps Sunday free to spend time together as a family.

Lamond admits she often uses her negotiating tactics with the girls, one time letting them bathe with slime in exchange for letting her wash their hair.

Lamond created a morning and evening routine where she would plan the day out for her daughter, in order for her to feel less anxious about the day.

Admitting that she once felt like she wasn’t a good enough parent because she couldn’t control her daughters.

“But I got over it and learned how to diffuse the situation.” Keep scrolling for more parenting stories…