Parenting comes with a boatload of challenges, but among the toughest is the quest to find that work-life balance. On one the hand, having kids necessitates being able to provide for them. On the other, once you have kids, you start to want to work less, so that you can spend more time with them.

It's a struggle that most moms are familiar with, and one mom recently had put it into perspective after receiving a heartbreaking drawing from her son...


Now, becoming a parent is full of joy.

There's a reason the "baby bug" bites many of us — and that's because children are truly a gift.

But that doesn't mean having kids isn't hard.

Being a parent comes with many challenges.

General household tasks are a formidable rival.

Anyone who has kids knows that some of the greatest hurdles parents face are mundane tasks like dishes, laundry, and toilet-scrubbing. With little people running around the house, chores get even more time-consuming.

And if it's not a mess that needs to be cleaned up, it's homework that demands attention.

Sure, keeping everything tidy with kids around is one thing, but once they start school, there's even more to do.

One of parenting's greatest obstacles, however, is finding some sort of balance.

Dishes and packing lunches aside, nothing quite compares with a parent's constant struggle to find a happy medium between working and spending quality time with their children.

Providing food for our little ones comes at the expense of our time and attention...

The work-life balance is hard.

And sometimes, you can get so sucked into work that you need that little reminder to take a step back.

And one mom had just that realization after her son drew her a picture that "broke her heart". Something the internet can relate to...

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Priya Amin is a mom from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is the founder and CEO of Flexable, a childcare service.

Like many of us, Amin has been working from home due to the current pandemic, making the balance even harder.

To begin, she would work from 4 a.m. and again at night in order for her to be able to home school her children.

But as you can imagine, it was a nightmare. Speaking to GMA she explained, "I realized that I couldn't work that way and neither could my team. Flexibility has always been at the core of everything we do at our company, and I wanted to make sure that was a part of our culture so that all the folks, especially working parents on our team, felt supported and seen."

And so, she had to make a switch...

But she recently had her work put into perspective by her son after he drew her a heartbreakingly accurate picture.

"A few days ago, I was busy getting some last-minute things checked off my to-do list when my 6-year-old snuck into my office and handed me a piece of paper."

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Posting the picture of her Linkedin profile she explained, "At first, I glanced at it and said 'oh that’s so good buddy!' but when I looked closer, I read 4 words that broke my heart - 'Mommy, are you done?' to which the “mommy" in the picture answered 'No.' I looked at the clock - it was 6:05 PM."

"Then I looked at my to-do list which seemed to be a mile long. My heart sank - although I don’t like to admit it, this is the situation almost every night."

Speaking Good Morning America she said, "I actually looked at it, and it broke my heart."

"Well, it sort of warmed and broke my heart at the same time."

"All I wanted to do was close up my laptop and spend time with my kids, but I knew that if I didn't get a few important things done, I wouldn't be able to get my mind off of them."

"I think so many parents feel that way, especially during the pandemic, where work and life have collided with one another and it's really hard to step away from work. My son's drawing was a stark reminder to me about just how hard that is."

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