29 Transformed Thrift Store Outfits You Have to See to Believe | 22 Words

If we're being honest, most of us shop for clothes to find the cheapest thing that looks good. We don't think about "fast fashion" or how damaging the clothing industry can be to our environment.

Luckily, there are people like Sarah Tyau out there.

Sarah started recycling old clothes after her first daughter was born, and she's honed her craft ever since.

She has an incredible eye for turning what you and I might give to Goodwill into something totally new and fresh.

Her philosophy for life has become, "Look good, feel good, do good." And she's definitely been living up to that.

Sarah has transformed hundreds of items of clothing for every member of her family.

Baggy adult shirts become adorable, fitted shirts for her daughters. From denim dresses to wedding gowns, Sarah can transform it all.

And the craziest part of all of this?

Sarah is mostly self-taught. She keeps meaning to take more comprehensive sewing classes, but it doesn't look like she needs it!

All her pieces are super impressive.

And it must take a certain kind of creative eye to look at a drab old dress and see how it can become totally stylish with just a few changes. Let's take a look at more of Sarah's amazing work.

Sarah picks up the pieces she transforms at thrift stores or from family and friends.

She's turned her hobby into a total empire! She has a YouTube series, more than 150,000 followers on Instagram, and she's even in the process of designing her own clothing line.

Raise your hand if you would buy Sarah's clothes!

I totally would. Especially this incredibly chic denim jumpsuit! And the best part of her new clothing line?

All proceeds will go to children in need.

Let's just pause a moment to appreciate how Sarah took a pair of pants and refashioned them into an adorable little dress. This is too cute.

With her social media presence and YouTube series, Sarah wants to inspire others to recycle clothes too.

"My advice to limit your impact is to buy more timeless, classic pieces and mix it with a few trendy pieces here and there," she told Bored Panda.

"This way, you don't throw away as many clothes."

"And [you] are not always having to buy constantly in order to stay on trend. Also, throw a clothing exchange with your neighbors, friends, or other groups." Next, peep the wedding dress Sarah totally transformed!

From curtain to curtain call

Look at this amazing transformation! This is an upgrade for sure.

Sarah is a master sewer.

She turns baggy, unflattering frocks into lovely pieces that look like they were just made for her. It's magic!

With an eye like Sarah's, she will have an awesome career in the fashion industry.

But Sarah's focus isn't just on the clothes. For her, recycling clothing is about being a responsible consumer and a model citizen.

And that's exactly what she does!

Look at this gorgeous dress. I would wear this in a heartbeat.

Of course, Sarah doesn't just upgrade dresses into better dresses.

Here, she turned a winter coat into a super cute dress. Next, she takes on a frumpy skirt with ease.

These before and after pics look like two completely different pieces.

Seriously, the material even looks different. It's amazing what a simple sew job and a giant bow can do, huh?

Sarah hasn't yet taught her daughters to sew like her, but she plans to one day.

"I have been meaning to teach them how to sew. We are supposed to start a sewing series on YouTube together where I teach them how to refashion, but they're so busy in their own lives, we haven't gotten a chance to yet," Sarah told Bored Panda.

"But they have a strong sense of fashion in their young age and have very good taste."

"So I think they'll take over what I do one day and be better than me!" I love that Sarah wants to pass on her skills to her daughters and to others who are interested in learning.

Here, Sarah transforms a shirt and a skirt into an adorable LBD.

An outfit like this is perfect for a night out, and it's made from all recycled pieces! How cool is that?

This XXL men's shirt became a crop top and a skirt for her daughter.

It's amazing how well the pattern fits the new outfit! The next one will have you fawning.

Sarah wrote on Instagram that she bought this tunic for $3.49 at Target.

And now, it's an adorable little dress! I feel like I always see items like this and think that if I was just more creative, I could make it work.

This whole project took Sarah less than 10 minutes.

Her mother was about to throw this skirt away, but Sarah knew that she could easily recycle it. And she was right!

OK this is seriously regal.

I'm not kidding! This actually looks like something Kate Middleton would wear. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Look, that little kid is going to be cute in anything she wears.

But this transformation is amazing! Those ruffled sleeves... I mean, come on. Those are perfect.

Jungle print

This was a slight and quick alteration (10 minutes!), but this dress looks totally transformed. It's amazing what a little shape can do for a piece. The next one is another skillful mashup!

Yellow dress transformed

This was one of the first transformations Sarah did way back in 2010, and while she "[cringes] a little on the inside even showing you this," I'm like, super impressed.

Look at this sailor-inspired skirt glow-up.

It's amazing! I especially love those little flaps added to either side.

Polka dots are always in.

And thanks to Sarah, now they're stylish again. This $4 thrift-store dress became something that would sell for much more!

Speaking of polka dots...

This is a totally simple and slight alteration that has made a world of difference in the way this dress fits.

Sarah's not going to stop anytime soon!

She's conquering the fashion world one thrift store find at a time, and we're just over here with our jaws on the floor. Share this with someone who could use some clothing inspiration!