A mom has been criticized online after her reaction to finding out her baby was missing went viral.

Here's the full, and very shocking, story...

The mom in question was reunited with her baby after a stranger spotted the child crawling into a "busy road."

Michael Currid, from Canterbury, UK, was enjoying a day out at the beach with his partner when they spotted a baby making its way onto a busy road.

In his TikTok video, Michael can be seen holding the baby, who is only wearing a diaper, while he searches for its parents...


He can be seen asking several people if the child is theirs while continuing to look around.

A group of people begin talking to him, also concerned for the baby...


Michael is finally approached by a woman on her phone, who holds out her arm for the child while appearing totally oblivious to what just happened.

She takes the baby and walks off, without even acknowledging Michael.

Michael is visibly shocked by the encounter, as the mom continues to kick a ball around with the baby in her arms...


The video has been viewed over 2 million times, since being uploaded, leaving many viewers totally shocked.

One viewer said: "The way she doesn't even thank the guy and continues on the phone, even kicks the ball."

Another wrote, "So she really just didn't care? Wasn't worried. Not grateful. Wow."


tiktok took the original video down, you can’t see anyone’s faces, this deserves attention ##lostbaby

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A third added, "Lucky the baby climbed the stairs and not into the damn sea lol."

While another said, "Nope going straight to authorities as parents weren't screaming or looking...they are extremely lucky. These guys are angels."

We're just relieved the baby was found safe and sound!