Mom Says Her Kids Were All Born on January 11th, Everyone Makes the Same Joke

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Sinead Cottam, thirty-one, is a mom to 3 children, Lewis, twelve, Shae 5, and Demi, 2, all of whom were born on January 11, and because of this, the mom says everyone always makes the same joke…

Saying that there must be a special date in April leading to the birth of her children in different years, but on the exact same date.

And whether you believe in miracles or not, this was certainly a miracle of sorts.

Lewis, who turned twelve yesterday was born in 2010, 2 days after he was supposed to be born. Her other 2 children arrived 4 days earlier.

So, no, it wasn’t that she conceived them all on the exact same day of different years to plan their birthdays to fall on the same day. That would be crazy, right?

Although… Crazier things have happened, like Sinead’s children coincidentally being born on the same date as each other.

And even though it’s 1 heck of a miracle that the little Cottams share their birthday’s with eachother… At first, Lewis wasn’t all too pleased.

Because, who wants to share their birthday with somebody else, right?

“We had planned to go out for a birthday tea party after school, but Shae decided to make an early appearance on his birthday so Lewis went to my mum and dad’s house,” Sinead said as per the Mirror.

Now, Shae was due to arrive on January 15, but instead, he arrived on Lewis’ birthday, leaving Sinead to think it was a wonderful gift for her oldest son, but oh how she was wrong.

“Lewis was six at the time and he wasn’t happy to share his birthday the first time, little did I know then that it would happen again,” the mom continued.

And then, in 2019, Demi was born.

Her due date, weirdly enough, was the same due date as Shae, which was on January 15.

But, as you would have already guessed, this didn’t happen.

“They were excited for a little sister but due to late complications I needed a C-section and I could not believe my ears when the midwife told me the only date available was January 11,” she expressed.

Sinead even asked for the C-section to be performed on a different day so at least 1 of her children shares a different birthday.

But it just was not possible.

Leading to all 3 of her children sharing the exact same birthday.

That’s a lot of birthdays celebrations to do in just 1 day. And it also means that every single year, someone makes the joke that the couple must’ve celebrated something special on a specific date, too.

What do you think? Do any of your children share the same birthday with each other?