Mom Says People Tease Her Son Because She Accidentally Named Him After an Animal

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A mom has taken to Reddit to ask for advice after she got worried that other kids would bully her son about his name…

The 3-year-old boy has been called by his nickname since birth, and only ever responds to that. But, now, his mom is worried that he might get bullied when he starts school and doesn’t “want to make his life unnecessarily harder.”

Asking for advice on Reddit, she explained: “I have a child named after an animal. It wasn’t intentional, but when I was pregnant with him, I slipped up and called him by this nickname when trying to say his actual name, and everyone loved it and it just stuck.

“For privacy, I won’t share it but assume it’s like Liam/Lamb. So our child has only known their name as ‘Lamb.’ and wouldn’t know you were talking about them if you said ‘Liam.’

“He is special needs, which was not anticipated, which makes making the change very hard.”

Being forced to stay at home during the pandemic has meant that their child hasn’t been able to socialize with others his own age.

However, recently he has made a friend, and when they Facetimed, the mom caught the other child “bahhhhhing at him.”

“Nobody’s feelings were hurt, and we all laughed, but I realize now that I may be a huge a**hole for giving my kid this name and not fixing it by now,” admitted the mom.

“We met someone once and when they asked our kids’ names, they got angry when we said this one and said we were cruel and abusive to give a kid a ‘weird’ name.

“I knew a few kids with weird names myself growing up, and for the most part people thought it was cool, not weird, but those were my teen years, and I’m almost forty so what do I know?

“Most people say the name is cute. They could be humoring us. Some people assume that is his name. Some say it reminds them of a beloved movie character, which I see.

“[School] will be popping up soon and we need to figure out what the hell we are doing about this.”

After asking for advice about what to do on Reddit, people reassured the mom that she wasn’t in the wrong.

One wrote: “For real, there is no doubt far worse than you could have named him. And kids will pick on each other for everything. I was bullied for living in a different country for a short span of time.”

Another added: “You really need to teach this kid his legal name, then. What are you going to do when everyone at school, including teachers, sees his name on the roster as “Liam” and starts calling him that?

“You may be able to correct his main teacher, but not every counsellor, principal, lunch server, music teacher, etc.”

A third wrote: “There are plenty of people called Bear, Fox, Wren, Dove, Birdie, Bunny, Cat, Tiger, Jay, etc. Their lives are not blighted.

“One person’s weird is another person’s normal. Ignore the unkind people who think this is abuse.”