Mom Says She Charges Her Guests for Christmas Dinner and Even Her 7-Year-Old Has To Pay | 22 Words

A mom has recently admitted to making her guests pay for Christmas dinner - including her own children!

Keep scrolling to hear what she had to say on her controversial decision...

Christmas is just weeks away...

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And it's safe to say that we're all feeling that last-minute strain to get our Christmas shopping done!

But the one thing that's more important than anything?

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It's making sure that you have everything prepared and ready for that highly anticipated Christmas dinner, of course!

Not only must you secure the most delicious turkey on the market...

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But you must also make sure you have all the trimmings... And yes, that includes sprouts!

Cooking a Christmas dinner is something that's far from relaxing, we must say...

And, unless you're a Michelin star chef, it's always going to be unbelievably stressful and expensive preparing the perfect festive feast.

And that's why one mom has decided to make all her guests pay for their Christmas dinner this year, including her kids...

And she had absolutely no shame in admitting it!

People have been left gobsmacked after hearing the mom's harsh demands...

But some people actually agree with the mom...

Mom-of-4 Deborah Hodge, who's from the U.K, charges an astonishing $50 per guest for her Christmas dinner...

And, even though she's lost friends over the years due to her expensive request, she completely stands by her decision.

She admits that any extra money she makes off her guests, she spends on manicures, clothes, and perfume for herself...

“It’s a critical life lesson in money management," she said.

She even makes her 7-year-old daughter pay over £10 ($13) for the meal...

And shockingly, she has to save up her 60 cents pocket money for the big day! Here's what Deb had to say for herself...

She starts prepping her Christmas dinner early in December...

"It’ll feature the usual turkey and ham but I also make sure I cater to vegan and gluten-free guests. I’ll make sure there’s a selection of starters, mains, and desserts plus crackers and alcohol. I’ll be having 5 guests over, my 4 kids, 2 neighbors, and 3 friends. They’re all part of my [covid] support bubble."

"Then I do the most important job - I’ll email an invoice demanding full payment."

"While most people would be shocked to receive a bill demanding cash before you even eat, my friends and family know the score," she explained. "Because this is the third year I’ve charged for Christmas dinner. I believe it is the key to having a happy, stress-free December 25th."

"All the adults, including my two eldest kids, are charged £40 ($52) for their meal. My 2 youngest are charged £10."

"Some relatives told me it was outrageous and I should be showering people with love, not invoices. I was like 'Talk to the hand, pur-lease.'"

"Everyone has to give me the money ten days before Christmas or they can't come. I have to plan budgets and ensure there is food for everyone."

She then said, "They all get to choose their meals from my menu plan and they don’t have to lift a finger. It’s not me being selfish despite a couple of friends telling me I had lost the true meaning of Christmas. In fact, it’s something I am proud of." "I’m a single mom and 3 years ago in 2017, I’d had enough."

She was growing "sick to death" of buying food for Christmas.

"I was fed up with catering for everyone’s needs, hosting, cooking, and buying gifts, then spending the rest of the year paying it off before starting all over again. Christmas Day was no fun. Slaving over a hot stove for no reward while everyone else had a good time wasn’t fair. So I decided to get tough," Deb explained. "So, in October 2018 after friends and family announced they’d all be coming to her house again for Christmas, I decided to adopt my new policy."

"I rang around friends and told them I’d decided to charge for Christmas dinner. Everyone was shocked and gobsmacked."

"A couple of ‘mates’ refused to pay so I disinvited them. But, hilariously, some then backtracked and asked if they could come. The kids naturally kicked off declaring I was a tyrant and it was my duty to feed them. It took a bit of tough love."

"I told them if they put aside fifty pence very couple of weeks they’d save it up quickly."

"When they realized they got to select whatever they wanted - ice-cream and pudding wise - they soon paid up. My youngest, Amelia, was only 4 at the time but even she had to pay. People said it was a bit harsh but I stuck to my guns telling them it was a lesson in saving and budgeting."

Deb insisted that since charging her guests, Christmas has been wonderful and there haven't been any arguments...

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Does such a thing exist?!

"I managed to make a £12 ($15) profit that year and got a manicure."

"Last year I upped the price to £30 ($39) and charged the kids a £10 ($13). People were a bit fussier with what they requested and I had to chase some for cash - plus the kids moaned but eventually handed over their notes. I absolutely believe it’s teaching them to be business focussed, to save and also to be aware of the cost of living."

"And now she’s 7, Amelia is even earning extra cash waitressing and if she does it she'll get £5 from me."

"She has inherited my business acumen. I love my family and friends but I love earning money more - this works for me, why knock it!"

Do you agree with Deb's Christmas dinner setup?

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Or do you think she's just being downright greedy? Read on for more festive stories...