Mom Says She’ll Get Up at 4am To Drink This Christmas and Plans on Being Wasted by 9am

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A young mom is really getting into the Christmas spirit, admitting her plans to drink as much as possible on the big day, to ensure she’s hammered by 9 am.

The twenty-three-year-old from the UK is a hospitality worker, and regularly spends her nights serving drinks to the general public…

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So she feels it’s about time she got to drink herself silly, and she plans to wake up at 4:30 am on Christmas morning to do just that.

According to The Sun, the mom-of-one, Ivana Moore, says she plans to crack “open the Bucks Fizz,” revealing that “some people say it’s sad but I don’t care.”

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Ivana says she regularly misses “the laughter, jokes, freedom and not having to bother about cleaning up,” as she never gets a chance to go out because of her job.

Her comments come after hospitality workers have been under even more strain due to the pandemic, and Ivana feels it’s time she got to let her hair down…

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“I see everyone else getting smashed and having fun while I’m always sober, having to laugh at their boozy jokes. Then, at the end of the night, I don’t scurry off home in a taxi – rather I spend two hours cleaning up empty glasses and (if I’m unlucky) sick,” she said.

Adding: “So, for me, Christmas is the one day I can cut loose.”

However, not everyone is impressed by her decision to get “p***ed” on December 25…

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But Ivana doesn’t seem fazed by the negative comments, as “being drunk by 9am is a treat I won’t apologise for – even if people think it’s silly.”

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Ivana shared that she and her 1-year-old daughter stay over at her mom’s on Christmas eve, so they can wake up ready for the festivities.

“The ‘Bucks Fizz buzz,’ as I love to call it, helps me sail through the day, not get involved in arguments, and smile when I get presents I can never use,” Ivana shared.

“Someone is always arguing over who ate the last pig in a blanket, who drank all the sherry and presents.”

She then gave a run down of how the day pans out…

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“I wake up at 4 am before even the kids get up. I have to start cooking and it’s the only time I have to sit quietly and enjoy my first glass of Champagne and orange juice in peace.

“If Santa didn’t drink all the sherry the kids left out I admit I’ll even neck that as well.”

She admits: “I love popping on the kettle, making a cup of tea, cooking some bacon and eggs and pouring my Bucks Fizz.”

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“By 6 am I will be onto my third glass and feeling buzzed and chilled. By 7 am the kids will be arguing over gifts and adults start grumbling about being woken up and not being able to cope.”

“I will watch with pride while my 14-month-old daughter opens her gifts. By 11 am all the family is up and the champagne and ‘Christmas punch’ is flowing.”

But during that time she reveals she’ll be finishing her “second bottle of champers and starting my third.”

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“At midday with dinner cooking, I sneak off for a 45-minute nap… it’s one of the best sleeps I get the entire year. And when I wake up and instead of enduring a post-nap hangover I simply grab a glass of white and knock it back.

“By 2 pm I have drunk the equivalent of three bottles of champagne and I feel great.” Ivana states, despite the “hiccups.”

Then as Boxing Day rolls around, “I will be battling a hangover but I usually find a fry up, red bull, vitamin C and ibuprofen fix that.”

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Despite some people thinking her choices are irresponsible, Ivana assured: “We always make sure two adults don’t drink on Christmas day to do child care, my daughter is happy and cared for. Next year I am on child care duty.

“This year it’s one day, a Christmas tradition, and I deserve it.”

What do you think of her Christmas day schedule?