Mom Says ‘Smacking Kids Won’t Stop Bad Behavior and Won’t Stop Tantrums’

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Did you used to get a gentle smack on the butt by your parents when you’d done something you shouldn’t have? Me too. But 1 parent is saying that smacking your kids won’t stop their bad behavior, and it certainly won’t stop temper tantrums either.

Parenting is very different today compared to in the past, especially in regards to how you punish your children.

In the past, you could get away with all sorts of punishment, whether it was your mom chasing you up the stairs with a slipper, or your teacher launching chalk at your head.
But, did it really do anything? I mean, did it really make you stop in your tracks, and change your behavior? Or, did you just learn to dodge the chalk, and run faster from the slipper? Because I know my pops says he just learned to outrun his mom…

Well, times have changed, and a lot of experts, and moms alike insist that smacking your children will not prevent their temper tantrums.

And a TikTok mom going by the handle kellymedinaenos gives her insight on the matter, and it’s she’s so relatable!
In the video, the mom lists reasons why smacking your kids isn’t the way to go, saying: “All that smacking your child does in the middle of a tantrum is; makes them angrier, definitely doesn’t stop the tantrum, you no longer feel like a safe space for them, definitely won’t stop future tantrums, and finally, they will later on in life suppress their emotions because they don’t get the loving reaction that they need while having a tantrum.”

She then becomes completely relatable for the entire adult population, and it’s just what we needed, because sometimes, life is tough on us too!

“Getting a little bit sick of people thinking that children are not allowed to have tantrums, that they should have all their emotions just completely under wraps.
“I mean I’m thirty-one years of age and I definitely do not have my emotions under control,” she said while laughing to herself, and then asking how anybody could expect that from a child.

And people jumped to the comments of her TikTok video to share their views!

“We’re in a world where we constantly need to remind adults that it’s ok not to be ok, yet punish literal children for having feelings?” 1 woman voiced.
“Yes, I walked straight from my parents smacking me into a domestic violence relationship at sixteen, I will never smack mine,” another bravely expressed.

And if you want to see the moms video for yourself, take a look:

How do you deal with your child’s temper tantrums?