Mom Asks if She’s ‘Mad’ To Send Her Kids To Bed Fully-Dressed To Save Time

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Being a mom isn’t easy so any time-saving hacks can be true lifesavers among the perennially busy. One mom has offered her best tip, and it’s caused a huge debate…

Would you put your kids to bed fully clothed?

Well, one Mumsnet user does – and her story has shaken the internet this week.

“I have four children. Oldest two have additional needs, so need a lot of help with dressing in the mornings, which can take a long time. Younger two just need help due to their age,” she explained.

“The mornings are hectic, and between getting myself and the four of them ready, it can take a very long time to get out of the house! We also need to get a bus, so we miss it sometimes when we haven’t got out on time (usually by seconds).”

“I read a news article a little while ago about a woman who says she dresses her children for school the night before! Now I know people will just say go to bed earlier, but my oldest doesn’t sleep at night so we are currently awaiting a referral for a paediatrician.”

“Am I being unreasonable to consider what this woman does? Would anyone do this? Or am I mad to consider it?” she asked her fellow forum users.

Many were against the idea.

“No. They’d be so uncomfortable to start with. They will also smell. Not washing in the morning or changing out of clothes they may have sweated in overnight. It just isn’t a solution. You need to get up earlier,” wrote one.

Another agreed, adding: “I don’t think I could send my children to school in slept-in clothes and I think it doesn’t give them good habits to build off for the future – plus if they mentioned sleeping in their clothes I’m sure school would log that as a concern.”

Would you try this weird parenting hack? Or is it a step too far for you?