Mom Shames Son After He’s Expelled for Selling Squirts of Hand Sanitizer to Other Students

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The coronavirus has brought the entire world to a standstill.

It has been spreading at an alarming rate since it was first discovered in China, and thousands of people all around the world have now died from the deadly virus.

People all around the world are panicking… but some hilarious stories have come from this mass panic.

Keep scrolling to learn about the mom who shamed her son for selling “squirts of hand sanitizer” to his fellow students at school…

Originating from the Chinese city of Wuhan, a deadly virus known as the coronavirus has been rapidly spreading across the globe.

“Coronavirus infections have a wide range of symptoms, including fever, coughing, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Severe cases can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and death.”

A lot of people have now died from the virus…

It has been confirmed by Worldometer that 4,390 people have now died globally, with the majority being in mainland China. A further 122,000 have been found to carry the virus and be infected.

The virus continues to rapidly spread, and traces of the disease have already been discovered and confirmed in 8 other countries including here in America, the U.K, Italy, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

The World Health Organization declared the emergency last month and called on all countries to take urgent measures to contain the respiratory disease.

But despite generous donations made to the cause, they have so far had no luck.

Many have been spotted donning face masks and various other items of clothing and materials in airports in a desperate bid to avoid the virus.

And many are experiencing anxiety and worry over the impending doom the virus brings with it.

This panic is totally unnecessary…

But with humans being humans, people all around the worst are preparing for the worst by clearing the shelves in supermarkets and isolating themselves.

And it is a very selfish thing to be doing when there are people out there who genuinely need these products.

But one teenage boy from Leeds in the U.K. had a rather inventive idea to earn himself some pocket money.

And he would charge each student 50 pence each (65 cents) for a squirt of sanitizer.

But, of course, this isn’t ethical towards his fellow students and it more than likely caused even more panic.

And when his mom, Jenny, found out about this… she was not happy.

And she did not hold back.

She wrote, “This is a picture of my teenage son just getting in from school. Why is he getting in from school at 10:53 am you ask? Schools don’t finish until 3 pm.” “Well, the little turd has just been expelled from school for the day after been caught charging students 50p a squirt for hand sanitizer to protect themselves from the bloody coronavirus!! Very hard to discipline this behavior when his dad phones him from work to call him a f****** legend.”

“He bought a multipack of Doritos [chips] and saving the rest to buy a kebab later,” Jenny wrote.

Many other parents found the whole situation hilarious, with one mom saying, “Omg I’m so sorry but this is so funny! Little entrepreneur on your hands here!”

It’s a smart move as a teenager to earn a little bit of pocket money from it, we suppose!