Mom Slammed After Sharing Seemingly Innocent Snap of Her Daughter’s Bedroom

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It’s pretty hard to live in today’s world of social media and not get slammed for something you’ve said, done, or shared, right?

Well, this mom, going by the name of April, has been slammed on Facebook recently…

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And it was all because of a photograph she shared on the platform of her daughter’s bedroom.

Or more specifically…her daughter’s bed.

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Yep, that’s right, there’s always something to pick at when it comes to parenting.

When the mom posted a photo of her daughter’s bedroom in a Kmart moms group on the Facebook platform, it seemed the Karen moms of the world weren’t too busy to chirp up.


Why? You might ask.

Well because the 1-year-old’s bed wasn’t sitting on a frame, but the floor.


Now, according to Early Bird, a mattress and bedding company, it’s actually not so good to put a mattress on the floor, and here’s why.

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“On the floor, your mattress’s ventilation is limited and leads to hot sleeping and sweating during the night. The moisture buildup from oils and sweat trapped in your mattress without proper airflow can cause mold and mildew to grow,” it states on the website.

But it also says that it can improve blood circulation, and uses less space, too.

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However, the mom, who had 1 commenter say:
“It needs to be on a base, it’s a disgusting breeding ground for mold and bacteria,” as per the Daily Mail, doesn’t even really make her daughter sleep in the bed all too much anyway.

And that’s because she co-sleeps with the little Princess.

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Replying to the negativity surrounding the contents of her photo, the mom explained that her daughter sleeps with her and her partner, and she only really uses the bed for playtime, and nap time, as per the Mirror.

Keep on scrolling to find out what the mom’s response really was.

But first, as you can see, a lot of other people do the same for their children, too. Here, check this out…

And here’s what she said when somebody asked if she fears being judged by others for her parenting methods.

That’s all the Karen’s of the world told then, isn’t it?

But, it didn’t stop the Karen’s on mommy April’s post…

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With some accusing her of neglecting her child.

Not cool, not cool at all.

It didn’t take the mom long to stand up for herself, though.

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In a post she said:
“Wow, a mom goes co-sleeping and wakes up to so many negative comments, so I will answer them for the people who are unsure.

“Yes, the bed is flat on the ground but we are very minimalistic people and use this mattress throughout the day for alternate things.”

“My child sleeps on this bed during the day, only because as I said earlier, we co sleep. And for Karen in the front row with the pitchfork, its a bed with a bedframe,” she clarified.

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“Floor beds are extremely common around the world, and just because in the Western world it isn’t, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”

And then the mom really shut the negativity down.

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“If you would like to call the department of child services on me for having a completely safe bed for my child, tag me and I will give you my details because this is very clearly not a neglected child’s bedroom.

“Stop being mean because it literally isn’t affecting me at all, and you are making yourself look silly,” she finished.

But, even with all the Karen’s slamming the poor mom…

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Some moms gave a little bit more positivity.

“Absolutely gorgeous room. I often want to put our own mattress on the floor with my first child and have the same Montessori style bed. You have done a wonderful job,” 1 person commented according to the Mirror.

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While another person commented:
“Mumma you don’t need to explain what type of bed your daughter is sleeping on its none of ANYONE’S business – the wall looks great and what’s more important is that you and your daughter like it.”

Let’s all just agree that every parent has their own way of raising their child, right?

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