A mom has been slammed online after she took to Facebook to share a photo of her teenage son's work lunchbox.

While proudly showing off the lunch she had made for her fifteen-year-old son to take to work, the mom was hit with criticism... but it about the food!

Facebook users questioned why the mom was making her fifteen-year-old son a work lunch instead of a school lunch.

"So he works forty hours a week? What about school? Can he do both without burning out? Is it legal in his state? It's good for kids to have a job, I would just be worried about him doing too much," one person questioned.

The mom explained to those questioning her parenting that her son had been skipping classes at school. So, instead of forcing him to go for him to skip it again, she gave him the choice between attending classes or working full time.

"He struggled in the classroom and hated school so he trialed working and loves it," she said, according to the Daily Mail.


Although the mom explained the reasoning behind her actions, many people were still critical.

"He might love working now, but he's going to have a difficult time in ten years with no credentials," one person wrote.

"He should be concentrating in school, that will be his future. What good is that child working full time now, with no education, what is his job, what's going to be installed for him in the future?" said another.

But despite the criticism, others have praised the mom while branding her parenting as "absolutely brilliant."

"Absolutely brilliant well done him! He's not interested in school and wants to work hard then it's lovely to see why not his making his way in life and is happy. Enjoy the riches from work. And as for the parent... brilliant parenting! You gave him choices he chose to work and his learn nothing is free and you have to do something. Ps The packed lunch looks great," one person wrote.

"At least he isn't out getting into trouble he is working and enjoying it. Not everybody can cope with school and some get back into education later in life. Good luck to him," another added.

What did you think of a fifteen-year-old working instead of going to school? Do you think it's the right decision?