A mom recently opened up about how smoking marijuana has actually made her a better mom.

Pretty controversial, we know!

Twenty-seven-year-old Caitlin Fladager lives in Vancouver where the use of marijuana is legal...

And after admitting she often uses the drug, the mom of 2 revealed she has received endless abuse online from people calling her a "junkie."

Some even called her a "pothead," "shameful," and a "bad mom," but Caitlin just doesn't agree.

Posting on Instagram, she wrote:

"I knew I would be met with criticism, skepticism, and questions. ⁣But in my mind, that was all worth it if I could show at least one person a slightly more natural way to cope with mental health problems."

She continued: "I am trying to rewrite them, and I get it. It's hard. When you've been taught for so long something is "bad," how could it suddenly become 'good?' Marijuana has changed so much over the years. From the ways you can take it to the exact doses you can now figure out your perfect level. ⁣⁣One day I have hope I will be able to say 'I'm going out for a joint' and no one will look twice."

She finished by explaining, "I will take the rude comments, the CPS jokes, and the slander.⁣ Because I know one day, it will be seen for the medicine it truly is."

Caitlin first got pregnant when she had just turned eighteen with her high school sweetheart Noah.

The pair later married and they now have 2 children, Adriana and Jack.

Caitlin often uses marijuana to help her relax and as a way to cope with her mental health.

​She says she wants to "raise awareness" of how marijuana can aid women to become better moms.

"I have never been the most patient with my 2 kids. Smoking makes me a better mom, as I get a good night's sleep after I smoke. I wake up well-rested, and with a more clear mind."

Caitlin says that she uses marijuana in place of antidepressants, only smokes when her children are in bed, and she also admitted it helped her cut back on her drinking.

Well, as long as her children are happy and healthy - that's all that matters!