Mom Sparks Huge Debate After Refusing To Let This Group of People Watch Her Kids

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Leaving your children in the hands of another adult is a scary situation for most parents, no matter how much you trust that individual.

The rule includes her own father, other family members, and close male friends, meaning no man is exempt with the exception of her husband and one male teacher. Edwards’ reasoning is that she doesn’t want to risk her children’s well-being by leaving them with possible sex offenders and in her view, most child molesters are men, therefore she should not let men ever watch her children.

“We based it on horrifying statistics, based on the risk of child sexual abuse caused by known men and we decided it was just easier, and safer, for us to have this rule,” she said, in a clip for The Project, which has sparked quite the debate.

She wont even let her own father-in-law watch her daugthers. She said the only male she lets watch her kids is a “lovely” kindergarten teacher. ‘ The childcare centre is so well-run — it’s got procedures and structures in place — that we don’t even have to think about the safety of that situation,” she said.

She also authored a column for Daily Life outlining her feelings about male babysitters.

“Would I prefer to be a more chilled out parent? Absolutely,” she wrote. “Will I change my family policy? Unfortunately no. Child sexual abuse is so prevalent that I won’t back down on my no-male-babysitters policy.”

“My husband and my decision is based on straightforward risk analysis: a cold, hard, unemotional reading of the statistical data,” she wrote.

Where do you come out on this? Extreme or just extremely careful?