Mom Spends $10K on Herself for Christmas and Her Kids Get Nothing | 22 Words

A mom has recently admitted to spending $10,000 on her own Christmas presents and none on her kids.

Do you think this is fair? Read on to see what she had to say about the controversial decision...

The Christmas countdown is well and truly on.

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And it's safe to say that we're all feeling that last-minute strain to get our Christmas shopping done!

It's always an expensive time of the year...

But our loved ones are totally worth it, right?

Well, us parents are the ones certainly feeling the bank account strain at the moment.

While preparing for Santa Claus' big arrival, parents all around the world have been spending their pennies on exciting treats and gifts for their angelic children.

And even if our kids are leaning slightly toward the naughty list this year...

We still love to spoil them rotten during the festive season!

Of course, it's important to treat all of our children fairly...

And make sure they each get the same amount of gifts and love during the holidays.

But one mom recently shared that she feels differently.

And she had absolutely no shame in admitting she'd spent a hell of a lot more on herself than her kids.

The mom admitted that she had spent a significantly higher amount of money on a shopping spree for herself.

And after hearing what she had to say, there were some strong reactions online...

This year, Carla Bellucci spent a staggering $10,000 on herself.

And left her kids going without.

She says she wants her kids to learn the value of money.

Plus says they should learn to earn themselves - as she does, using social media.

"I don’t care if people call me spoilt or selfish. I know I deserve my £8,000 spending spree."

"Spoiling kids at Christmas is wrong. I think parents who spoil their kids this year are hypocrites," she claims.

"I am a brilliant mum and am using Covid Christmas as a life lesson."

"I want my kids to be social media stars and withholding gifts this year will teach them to make money for themselves."

"Lockdown stressed me so I need to spoil myself."

" I have always bought the kids nice things at Christmas throughout the years. It’s Mummy time now."

"I think mums who spoil their kids and don’t spend money on themselves normally let themselves go."

"That’s why they end up divorced and their fellas stray. No one wants a scummy mummy, you have to work at looking good and mums who spoil their kids don’t."

"That won't happen to me."

But her decision hasn't been popular at home. "Tanisha’s told me I’m spoilt and Jayden’s not talking to me," Carla revealed.

But Carla has no regrets.

"They needed a push to get their Instagram careers off the ground, so that's what I gave them. If they want Christmas gifts, they'll have to buy them for themselves - like I did." Want more Christmas present controversy? Scroll on for the family that went fully second hand this year ...