Mom Spends $115 on ‘Grinch Visit’ But he Trashed her House and Poured Juice on her Son

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There are some weird and wonderful ways we can experience Christmas these days, whether that be visiting Santa’s grotto, taking pictures with his reindeer, or even meeting the Grinch. However we do it, we just know we want to keep the magic alive on this special holiday.

But, when 1 mom, Laura Magill, tried to show her children just how special Christmas is, by giving them a fabulously funny surprise…


She didn’t quite get everything she’d hoped for…

Keep on scrolling to find out what happened.

We’ve all come to love, and sometimes, even relate to the Grinch.


But, we don’t necessarily relate to him when it comes to celebrating Christmas, more when he’s trying to hide from the world, and is, well, a little anti-social.

However, because we’ve come to love him, it’s often a necessity that we make his character a part of our Christmas, 1 way or another.

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That could be a Grinch-themed party, or just cozying down and watching Jim Carrey’s exquisite portrayal of the creature.

He could also be celebrated by booking a Grinch experience, though. Yep, you read that right. There are people out there that get paid to act mean and dampen people’s Christmas spirit.

Laura Magill, who hosted a Grinch themed party for her son, wasn’t all too happy when the person impersonating the grumpy green character, showed up and acted exactly how you’d expect the Grinch to act.

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In a Facebook post, the mom shared her frustration with the experience.

“So, paid £85 for Grinch visit…advertises the Grinch to come in, mess the kids’ bed, have pillow fights, put toilet rill around your Christmas tree and pictures at the end,” she said, as per The Sun.

“Versus what I got, every single bit of party food, expensive cupcakes threw all over the place, tree decorations broke!

“Fairy Liquid poured on my kitchen floor, eggs smashed a full bottle of juice poured over my floor, and SON!” she continued in the post.

It seems as though the Grinch had a little more than just a dampened spirit this year.


Taking his frustration out on Laura’s house.

And he got paid to do so.

The mom continued on to explain her kids new onesie got ruined, and that she would not want to relive the experience again, nor would she recomend it.

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“Highly DO NOT recommend, emailed and complained no reply.

“The Grinch definitely came and stole Christmas. Never been so disgusted in my life!” she finished after explaining she kicked him out after he hit her last nerve.

The Grinch definitely went above and beyond when it came to giving her the experience she asked for.

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But, it was a little too much for the momma, who wasn’t expecting to see a mess quite like the 1 she was left with after kicking her green furry foe out.

Although…People didn’t understand exactly why she was so frustrated.

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And they thought she actually got more than she paid for.

According to The Sun, even though the mom wasn’t all too pleased, her story certainly made a lot of other people’s days.

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With someone tweeting: “Paid for the Grinch, got the Grinch. No pleasing some people.”

And another person shared: “So you invited and paid someone to come to your house to wreck it and are unhappy with the dedication and care he showed to his craft?


“You do realize who the Grinch is, don’t you? He isn’t particularly fond of Christmas.”

Some people were amazed at the fact someone got paid to trash her house, too.

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“Some bloke dressed as the Grinch literally rocked up, trashed the joint, and then got paid for it? This is the best thing ever!” they wrote.

So, I think it’s safe to say that she didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for when she shared her experience with Grinch.


In fact, I think most people thought he was rather legendary for his appearance at the mom’s house.

And the Grinch is always up for surprising people with his disdain for Christmas.

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Which is exactly what this man did.

So, even if she wasn’t too happy with his service…


It definitely sounds like the Grinch.

What do you think?