Mom Spends $5,000 on 300 Christmas Presents for Her Three Children

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Christmas is just around the corner.

For most parents that means we’re one payday away from having to somehow manage to afford all the things our little ones want, or at least some of them.

Aside from Christmas gifts, the holiday also requires parents to fork out on decorations, food, treats… It really can be tough going.

One mom, Stacey Rosewarne, who lives in the seaside town of Taunton, Devon in the U.K. absolutely loves Christmas.

So much so that Stacey begins her Christmas preparations very early…

Stacey is just your typical single-mom. Born and raised in Taunton, Stacey works hard juggling her 3 kids and her job as a nurse.

Stacey doesn’t believe she spoils her kids,  Amber, thirteen, Jacob, 7, and Ebony, 6, and considers her spending at Christmas as a way for her to make up for the time they miss with her when she is working.

Speaking to The Sun about why she splashes out so much at Christmas, Stacey explains that it runs in the family. Growing up Stacey’s own mom would over-compensate over the holiday period. Stacey said: “My mum worked so hard and overcompensated at Christmas time because we didn’t see her as much.”

As far as Stacey is concerned the best part about Christmas is watching the faces of her kids when they open their presents.

Both Stacey’s partner, Darren, and her sister think the mom-of-3 might be taking it a bit far with her Christmas spending.

I guess when you go big, you’ve really got to put the time in. Stacey also struggles to hide all of her gifts. She recalled how once she “drove around with a big sloth teddy in the boot for weeks because there was nowhere to hide it in the house.”

Stacey’s impulse to buy each of her children one hundred gifts each comes at a cost. She openly admits that Christmas costs her a small fortune. This year, even before September she had already spent £700 on gifts.  Right now, in November she estimates that she has spent £2500. although by the big day she expects she will have spent £4000, which is her average expenditure for the holiday.

Stacey knows that she likes to go overboard at Christmas so puts away money every month to ensure she can spend spend spend.

For a lot of people making their wages stretch to the end of the month can be hard enough. Putting money away to buy gifts doesn’t even come into the equation.

Many parents find themselves suffering from stress when they feel as though they won’t be able to meet their kids’ Christmas expectations.

Executing the “perfect” Christmas involves an impressive tree, engulfed by presents, stockings stuffed to the seams…

Of course, kids love getting presents. But they also love and appreciate their parents and wouldn’t want to see them suffering to try and meet their high demands.

It seems as though there are so many parents that feel as though they have failed their children because Christmas is extra expenditure they struggle to stretch to.

I mean, honestly, it was surprising how many parents felt guilty about not being able to afford this particular Hot Wheels garage for their kid… I guess it must have been advertised a lot on Disney channel.

Well really, the glorified storage unit for Hot Wheels car isn’t really anything but an agglomerate of plastic that any kid would surely tire of pretty quickly. But with a 70 dollar price tag it seems to be stressing out a lot of parents who can’t seem to find the cash.

Credit cards, payday loans, borrowing, getting stuff on credit… It can be very tempting for parents to take one of these avenues when their children really want expensive toys.

Some people have argued that parents, like Stacey, who spend so much on their children actually make it harder for other parents. Playground feelings of jealousy in children can create feelings of shame. This, in turn, can be passed on to parents who feel like they have been unable to provide for the child’s desires.

It’s a time to celebrate those that you are lucky enough to have in your life by spending quality time with them. The gift-giving culture unnecessarily stresses people out and makes them so unnecessarily miserable.

The whole “the presents are from Santa” thing means that when parents can’t afford to get presents, their children may think they have upset the man in red.

The whole concept that naughty children don’t get presents puts extra pressure on parents to deliver. No parent wants their kid to feel like they’re bad or in trouble when they’re as good as gold. Of course, the consumerist nature of Christmas isn’t Stacey Rosewarne’s fault, but I don’t think parents over-spending help the situation.

Of course, it’s her money and she can do what she wants with it but whether it’s a good idea, I’m not so sure…

So I guess Stacey isn’t alone with this attitude. Personally I think a crafty Christmas when everyone makes DIY gifts can be just as special, if not more.   Continue scrolling to learn how you can make a money-saving DIY Christmas tree…