Mom Stops Son's Racist Facebook Rant With One Epic Bombshell Comment | 22 Words

Sometimes a story is so great that you figure it has to be made up...which may very well be the case with just about anything you find on the Internet. But in this case, I'm going to believe that this is real because it's just so good.

It all starts when a man posts a racist meme about immigrants on Facebook, leading his equally racist friends to have a cheerful conversation about how much immigrants suck for the good ol' USA. Great guy, right?

Is your blood boiling yet?

Yup, the hits keep coming.

Pretty much anyone with a brain right about now.

That's when Mom, who has clearly been saving this gem for exactly the perfect moment, jumps in with a truth bomb.

The takeaway: 1) Don't be an ignorant racist and 2) You don't mess with Mom. I'm sure Sunday lunch was delightful.