A Georgia mom has gone viral for her uncanny likeness to the infamous supermodel, Kendall Jenner.

Now, we all know that Kendall Jenner is arguably one of the most beautiful women of our age...

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So you'd be forgiven for stalking her Instagram and wishing you looked a little more like her from time-to-time.

However, for most of us, we will never resemble the infamous Kardashian-Jenner sister.

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She's a supermodel for a reason, right?

But, this week, one woman has gained an awful lot of attention...

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For her uncanny and, quite frankly, spooky likeness to the model.

And this woman looks so much like Kendall...

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That strangers have even approached her in the street for an autograph.

Yep, that's how much she resembles the supermodel.

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It can't be a bad life, can it?

Kendall herself had an incredibly early introduction to the world of fame and fortune...

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She was barely a teen when she started featuring on the smash-hit reality show.

And now, just a few years on, Kendall has one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling world.

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The supermodel has crafted quite an impressive resume over the years since her first appearance on KUWTK – it feels as though there isn’t a major cover that she hasn’t featured on or a high fashion show that she hasn’t walked in.

From Burberry to Calvin Klein...

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The social media star has received many accolades for her beauty.

However, things haven't always gone smoothly in her career.

Considering she stays relatively low-key when it comes to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it looks like her lucrative modeling adventures have been far from plain sailing.

Remember that Pepsi advert that almost wrecked her career?

In 2017, the world watched, appalled, as Kendall Jenner brought a social justice protest to an end with one simple act – handing the police officer a can of Pepsi. As problematic goes, this was definitely up there.

The ill-judged ad faced worldwide criticism, and rightly so!

The controversial commercial, which was promptly pulled following the backlash, insinuated that all the problems could be brought to a harmonious end with a can of the sugary soda – or, at least, that’s the logic that we were presented with. But in a world wherein these are real issues affecting real people, the ad just appeared to distastefully trivialize the demonstrations fighting for good causes such as Black Lives Matter.

And, for her participation, Jenner paid the price.

Both Kendall and Pepsi apologized for the ad, but it looked like, as far as countless people online were concerned, the damage had already been done. Soon after, Kendall addressed the issue further on KUWTK, where viewers watched her get emotional over the backlash, telling older sister Kim, “It feels like my life is over."

Sadly, that was far from the only controversy she was involved in...

The supermodel has previously hit the headlines multiple times because of her hair. Now, you may be thinking “hair is just hair, how can it possibly be problematic?"

Well, it can be...

Especially when you consider cultural appropriation – AKA the adoption of elements of one culture by members of another culture, which can often spark controversy when a socially dominant culture takes from a disadvantaged minority culture.

The model walked the Marc Jacobs runway wearing dreadlocks.

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The questionable fashion show saw a whole host of mostly white models, including Jenner's bestie, Gigi Hadid, and, of course, Kendall Jenner herself, donning pastel-colored, wool dreadlocks.

But, putting the controversy to one side...

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Kendall has (mostly) enjoyed her fame, and has become one of the youngest, most accomplished models of our age.

So being her doppelganger can't be the worst thing in the world, can it?

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Coming swiftly back to the whole point of this article, a Georgia mom has recently gained her own share of fame for her uncanny resemblance to Kendall.

Everyone, meet Teona Chachua.

Does she look a little bit familiar?

The twenty-nine-year-old has stunned onlookers - and sometimes her own family - with her uncanny resemblance to the KUWTK star.

Teona never actually realized just how much she looked like the reality star until she started beauty blogging in 2018.

She found herself to be suddenly inundated with comments from fans of the Kardashian family member...

But she's taken it all as a compliment (obviously).

She explained:

"As soon as I started my videos and posting pictures people started commenting saying that I look like her. It is nice when you get compared to someone as beautiful as she is."

And Kendall isn't the only famous face she gets mistaken for.

Teona explained how she has been compared to the likes of supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski, and actress, Sandra Bullock.

However, Teona has admitted that all the attention can be a little strange at times...

Because, after all, she is just a normal wife and mother-of-one. "I get a lot of comments especially from her fans who actually think it's her, and my family joke that we are related somehow. It's a bit strange for me as well because at the end of the day I'm just a normal girl."

Teona doesn't even think she resembles the supermodel.

She explained: "I do get a confidence boost out of it, but I don't personally think that I look exactly like Kendall. But that's because I know that I'm quite short and she is so tall." (Teona is a whole 8 inches shorter than Kendall).

Teona has successfully built up her own successful business as a beauty blogger...

And is proud that she gets recognition in her hometown for being herself, by her own fan base. For more on the actual Kendall Jenner, keep scrolling...