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Mom Sues for $70 Million After Daughter Drowns When Team Allegedly Pulled Cover Over Her

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Truly horrific news has emerged this week with one mother suing for $70 million after her teenage daughter drowned, allegedly the result of her swimming team pulling the pool cover over her.

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A mother is suing for $70 million.


After her teenage daughter, Nabila Maazouz, drowned during the school swim team’s evening practice on November 20, 2019.

The school swim team was allegedly instructed to cover the large outdoor pool with heavy ThermGard pool covers.

However, according to a recent lawsuit, they didn’t notice 14-year-old Nabila was still in the water when she was trapped beneath the covering.

Then, allegedly, Nabila and her peers swam beneath the cover to retrieve the second one, but Nabila never came back up.

The lawsuit reads:

“The other swimmers continued to cover the pool, without noticing Nabila Maazouz’s disappearance. Once the pool was completely covered, the swimmers and coaches left the outdoor pool and the lights were turned off.”

Nabila’s mother Patricia waited in the parking lot for around an hour before heading inside to ask where Nabila was.

When the pool covering was removed, her body was found under the water, the document states.

Now, Patricia is suing the city of Hillsboro, the school district, and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department for wrongful death and negligence.

Patricia claims that the pool covers were ‘unreasonably dangerous’, adding that they create “dark and disorientating underwater environment” for the swimmers who have to swim beneath them.

She’s also suing them for failing to keep track of the students who left practice.

Following the tragic news of Nabila’s death, the school district said that her death was a “tragedy that we are all still grieving.”

Spokesperson Beth Graser said in a statement:

“Our hearts and thoughts continue to go out to her family and all who knew her.”

Another spokesperson, Patrick Preston, added:

“Our hearts remain with the Maazouz family and everyone in our community who has been devastated by the tragic death of Nabila. The City of Hillsboro is committed to caring for the safety and well-being of all community members at all City facilities. Because this is pending litigation, we will not be issuing additional comments.”

Our thoughts go out to Nabila and her family during this awful time.

Rest in peace.