A mom has recently taken the internet by storm after she explained how she taught her 6-month-old baby to roll off furniture safely.

Now, we're well aware that babies are some of the most curious beings to ever grace the planet, but their ability to recognize danger isn't as prevalent during that developmental stage. But as their curiosity continues to peak, parents are well aware that simple tasks become extremely dangerous and they do their best to protect them. KC, a Doctor Of Physical Therapy and a mother to 3 children, and showed how she taught her 6-month-old daughter how to roll off furniture safely and then shared the helpful tips with other parents.

Posting the video to Instagram, KC showed how she used to aid her child at 6 months by turning her body every time she used to try and get down from the sofa. The clip shows her tucking her hand under the body of her child and turning her so she would land safely on her feet. Then it cuts to her daughter at eleven months old and shows her doing it herself, with KC by her side for a little helping hand!

In the caption, the mom-of-3 wrote this: "I know stairs & furniture safety can be intimidating. We often avoid it because the worry of an accident can be so overwhelming."

She continued: "But what if, instead, we started teaching our babies the safe way as soon as they're mobile? I promise, they will get it, & it'll be one less thing for us to worry about as parents! Because don't we have enough as it is."

"As soon as your little one is on the move, teach them to flip to their bellies and slide down off furniture. You can apply this to the stairs too if it works for you!"

She then emphasizes one word: "Repeat."

"Repeat repeat repeat, you'll be doing the majority of the work at first, but I promise before you know it- they'll have that safety skill nailed down! Give it a try & let me know how it goes, & tag a parent that could use this info!"

Hundreds of likes and comments poured in thanking KC for her helpful video.

"So thankful I saw this when my LO was a few months old. She's fifteen months now and has safely been getting off furniture for months, makes me feel so much more comfortable knowing she knows how to do it!" wrote one user.

Another added: "Never would've thought to do this when they first start out. Wish I would've found your page 3 kiddos ago but applying a lot of what you teach with my 4th!"

You can check out KC's official Instagram account @milestones.and.motherhood here.