An angry mom recently lost her cool in Hawaii when she demanded a tourist to "leave the beach"...

And it was all over the bikini the young woman was wearing.


Now, issues surrounding swimwear have been rife for quite some time, haven't they?

Because when it comes to the more revealing kinds of swimwear, such as bikinis...


Many seem to have quite the problem with them in public spaces.

Of course, certain countries have banned bikinis and bathing suits completely for religious reasons...

But in many Western countries - including here in the United States - people are perfectly fine to wear bikinis in public spaces such as beaches and pools.

However, not everyone is okay with this...

And one mom recently decided to unleash a verbal attack on a stranger in Hawaii over the bikini she was wearing on a public beach.

Savannah Sims, who is from Houston, opened up about the awkward encounter she had with the angry mom while she was traveling in Hawaii on TikTok...

And people have been left in disbelief over the stranger's audacity to confront the young woman over something as trivial as a bikini.

"So I just had the worst experience in Hawaii on the big island," she began the clip, which appears to have been filmed just minutes after the confrontation took place.


"I lay down at this spot that's right off the road. And this family gets out of their car and sits down like kind of close to me. And the mom starts saying to her boyfriend, 'No I can't have that. That's not OK with me'."

It was then that Savannah sat up and realized the woman was "looking at her."


"So I ask if there's an issue, and she says she doesn't want to be seeing my butt and lady parts," the tourist revealed, adding in the caption: "I was lying on my back so she couldn't even see my butt."

Savannah then showed off her bathing suit to show how it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.


"Pretty freakin' normal, right?" she says about her bikini which features a sports bra-style top and smaller bottoms.

According to Savannah, the woman continued on her rant, saying that she "didn't come [to the beach] to see her body."


But despite the tourist offering to cover herself up, the mother demanded that she leave the beach because she was "in the way" of the woman's "view."

"I asked what the issue was, and what I needed to cover because she was with a kid so I was trying to be respectful."

Savannah didn't want to cause a scene so she and her boyfriend resorted to leaving the beach.


"So I got up and left, and she said 'mahalo' and it ruined my day."

While posting the video on TikTok, which has since gained a staggering 992,000 views, Savannah suggested that the woman's attitude towards her was not entirely based on her choice of swimwear, but rather aimed at her because she is a tourist.

"[I know] tourists can be a lot when you live in Hawaii, but keep in mind that the world isn't yours, it's to be shared," she wrote in the caption of her post.

To add insult to injury, a frustrated Savannah explained in a follow-up clip that the woman in question took off her skirt shortly after the encounter, only to reveal that she was wearing a "straight thong."

"OK, update... she is wearing a straight thong bikini. Which is totally fine, I wear those all the time," she said, before suggesting once again that the woman's issue with her likely had nothing to do with what she was wearing.

"But to call me out and then take off your skirt and be rocking a G-string... Either she's a hypocrite or it wasn't about what I was wearing."

You can watch Savannah's TikTok video here:


🙄 Ik tourists can be a lot when you live in a ##hawaii , but keep in mind that the world isn’t yours, it’s to be shared ##sharing ##fyp ##respect ##love

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Do you think the mom was totally out of line to demand Savannah leaves the beach? Or do you think she had a point?