Mom Takes Toddler to Job Interview After Being Unable to Get a Babysitter

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Maggie Mundwiller is a mother of two who briefly shared her uniquely beautiful experience at a job interview.

In the video that went viral, Maggie explained that she was invited to a second job interview but didn’t have anyone to watch her 1-year-old son Mylo.

After explaining the situation to her potential future boss, they kindly let her know that their establishment is kid-friendly and that Maggie could bring Mylo along with her to the interview.

So Maggie got Mylo dressed up and even made him his own resume to take along to the interview and incredibly so, she and her son had an amazing interview with the company.

“To not find a job and to eat all the snacks,” Mylo’s resume read.

His skills included:

“Destroying a clean space in thirty seconds, taking off his own diaper, smelling flowers with his teeth, walking downstairs while holding mom’s hand, throwing a ball, and spotting a dog from more than a mile away.”

Maggie said that the job she interviewed for was for the marketing/sales position in the senior living industry.

“The interview certainly felt more laid back than a traditional one. I could be my authentic self without hiding parts of my personal life,” she explained.

And her adorable little boy got to sit through the entire interview with his proud momma.

Although at times, Maggie admitted it was a little distracting having him there with her. But her potential employer was so supportive of her situation.

“Mylo even spotted a pickle on the table and my potential employer offered it to him. It was really funny and sweet,” she said in the TikTok video, before explaining that he ate the pickle from the employer’s sandwich and drooled while doing so.

Of course, the video was a hit with fellow parents and many began calling for more kid-friendly workspaces.

“Dear corporate America – make this normal,” one person wrote.

“First time I’ve ever heard of this honestly,” another person expressed.

Maggie said that: “‘Family-friendly’ workplaces will look different in every workplace. I don’t think bringing your children to work is the perfect solution or the only solution. It starts with a conversation in organizations. I want businesses to look at their organization and see where they have room to be more inclusive.”

“It could be creating a family-friendly culture, flexible schedules, remote opportunities, parental leave (inclusive of ALL genders and longer than 6 weeks), childcare in the workplace (if that is an affordable option for the business), etc,” she added.

“I want the momentum to continue. I am hoping that employers will evaluate the opportunities they have in their organization to do better and support their employees/potential employees with families,” Maggie finished.

What do you think about kid-friendly workplaces?