A mom of 2 has claimed that she can't find love because she's "too good-looking."

Jenna Thomson, a mom and bikini model, believes it's impossible for her to find love due to the way she looks.

As she claims that her looks "intimidate guys."

Thomson appeared on the UK television program, This Morning, when she made the claim.


Talking to hosts, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Thomson explained how difficult she finds dating when using dating apps.

"It's really shallow. I think people get a kick out of how many swipes they get. So that narrows down any potential nice people. I've had some serious disasters."

Talking about one of her worst dating experiences, Thompson revealed she once dated a married man.


"I had this guy who confessed that he was married, relatively late on into us dating," she said.

"It quite cold and wet on the day that he told me. He told me face to face and he actually slipped and fell over after me as I was trying to walk off. I had to take him to hospital as he knocked himself out."

When asked what led her to the claim that she's too good looking to date, Thompson responded:


"I think I intimidate guys. I intimidate nice guys. So I seem to attract guys who are after one thing. Or people who think they'll have a go, have a shot and they seem to just want hook-ups. No one is looking for anything serious."

Thompson also added that she would not be willing to change her own appearance in order to attract the perfect man.

"If you change yourself, you'll never be truly happy. How long can you wear a mask before it starts to slip? You are not going to be authentic to the person you are dating," she said.

"I think why change the way I look to fit into a category for the sort of person I'm looking for. Maybe it's just that I haven't met that particular person yet."

Thompson noted that she is "quite picky" and has "a definite type of look."

You can watch the interview above.