Mom Transforms ‘Worse House on the Street’ and Adds $217,000 to Property Value

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A mom has transformed “the worst house on the street” to a beautiful 4-bedroom home and in doing so, has added a whopping $217,000 to the property value.

Now, renovating your house can be a stressful chore, but for Hannah Janikiewicz, it became a personal hobby.

The mom-of-3 and her husband, from Wirral in the United Kingdom, purchased their first 4-bedroom home in 2013 for just over $490,000 with plans to transform the space entirely.

And that’s exactly what they did.

From knocking walls down, to re-wiring the entire place, Hannah and her family re-decorated the place to their liking.

Say goodbye to a drab, old home and say hello to a modern twist on a Victorian masterpiece.

Unfortunately though, when they were done with their grand renovation, Hannah’s husband’s work required them to move to Qatar. Talk about bad timing, right? But every cloud has a silver lining as they rented out the place while they were gone.

But in 2018, they moved back to the United Kingdom for good and that meant they could finally stay in their own property.

After a few more tweaks here and there, including the removal of 5 chimney breasts and a whole new layout for the space surrounding the home, the family was ready to call this house a home.

Speaking to the Mirror, Hannah said that she wanted to “create a large, bright, usable space for the family.”

“We wanted to be really sympathetic with the original features and so had all the sash windows restored with double glazing. We reinstated an original fireplace in the front room as it had a 1930s one which wasn’t the right age for the house.”

“The difference is unbelievable,” she continued.

“It was one of the worst houses on the street, all the sandstone had either crumbled away or cracked, we had scaffolding up for seven months whilst stone masons painstakingly rebuilt it all to reflect how it would have looked originally.”

Have a look at the outcome of the project below:

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