Mom Who Was Slammed for Giving Baby ‘Some Mouthfuls of Beer’ Defends the Photo

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Becoming a parent is such a wonderful thing and, for some, parenting comes naturally, but, for others, not so much… One mom defends herself after being slammed online for giving her baby “some mouthfuls of beer.”

But her reasons are debatable, that’s for sure.

Becoming parents.

After waiting 9 months they finally get their own bundle of joy.

It comes naturally to them.

They already have everything figured out.

For some new parents, it can be very hard to adjust because it is a huge responsibility.

Most parents stay away from exposing their young children to harmful substances including drugs and alcohol.

She recently posted a photograph on her Facebook, which was then re-shared to Reddit, and it evoked a very outraged response from her family and friends.

The caption read: “She loves having a taste of mummy’s beer #drinkup.”

And the response was pretty mixed, to say the least, with some even coming to defend the mom.

She was less than impressed about social media users telling her how to look after her own child, as well as threatening to call social services on her for her “reckless” actions. Yikes.

The mom hit back at the criticism, writing that her daughter was “having some mouthfuls of beer” and not “shooting h****n.”

“Clearly you’ve all never experienced being a mum cause if you did u would know that this isn’t harmful to a baby. “My mum used to let me drink a little when I was young and would put whisky on my gums when I had sore teeth. I’d never put my baby in danger so all of you go to hell.”

The original photo has now been deleted from her profile. What do you think about this controversial parenting technique? For more parenting news, keep scrolling…