A mom has gone viral this week after she penned her brutally honest opinions of her family members in a tell-all Christmas card.

Some of us wish we had the cojones to be able to do the same.

Have a look for yourselves...

'Tis the season to be... Honest?

Well, one mom, who has remained anonymous for obvious reasons, has decided that she was going to let loose this Christmas.

She made the decision to fill her cards with improvements and criticisms for her loved ones...

Instead of giving the typical "what went well this year" message.

And the results were absolutely hilarious...

For us reading, of course, but quite the opposite for those on the receiving end of her tirade.

But it seems as though everyone could relate to the issues raised in the card...

Posting to Reddit, Lisa exposed exactly how she feels about her family...

She even addressed each member separately, so she could get it all off her chest, and hilariously, they get slightly worse as you continue reading.

She started off with Landon, who is their 3-year-old:

"Our precious and super annoying 3-year-old," she started. "Whines all the time and doesn't go to bed when he's told."

She continued:

"Cries when he doesn't get Gushers after dinner. Most of the artwork he brings home from church nursery is awful. Our pride and joy (and source of our drinking problem)."

She then moved straight onto Hunter, their 9-year-old:

"Our energetic yet surprising unathletic 9yr old who just got cut from a soccer team that doesn't even keep score in their games, I know... how does that even happen?!"

I mean, at least she talked about some of his achievements this year...

"Spends most of his time on his iPad and said his first swear word this year! Super exciting!" They must be very proud parents.

Now onto Maddy, their eighteen-year-old:

"Age 18... goes over her data each month on her cell phone. Was grounded for two weeks this Fall after she snuck a guy in her window to 'watch a movie.'" Big yikes...

"Got fired from Sefora [sic] after telling her boss 'just because I'm on the schedule doesn't mean I have to show up.'"

Maddy seems to be quite the charmer, but here's the best part: Lisa also added this at the end: "Wants to drop out of school to become Insta famous." Same, girl, same.

And, finally, we have Tom, her partner.

"Somehow still married after 41 years," she wrote. "Tom still tucks his T-shirts into his jeans and just took money from our retirement account to buy a fishing boat."

She ended his little paragraph like this:

"His golf shoes are still currently on the steps after I told him three times to take them upstairs." Very annoying indeed.

But don't worry, her final words definitely made up for the criticisms above.

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