Mom Writes Note To a Stranger About Kindness In an Unlikely Place | 22 Words

Traveling with young children presents plenty of challenges. Do you have enough snacks? Are your kids eating the snacks, and not just cramming them up their noses or spilling them directly onto the upholstery? Can you reach the toys they keep dropping on the floor every three seconds, even though you beg them to please, please stop dropping their toys?

You'd think stopping for a bite to eat would be a welcome break from the travel blues, but stopping the car means stopping at the potty, and that presents a set of challenges all its own.

Taking kids into a public restroom can be a pretty unpleasant experience, but one Kansas mom, Tiffany Miller, found out that it doesn't always have to be.

On a recent car trip, Miller found herself in a situation all parents can relate to.

via: Tiffany Miller on Facebook

She was far from home, trying to coax an unwilling three-year-old to use the potty. You know the age-old dilemma: Do you try to force your freaked-out kid to go, or do you skip the tantrum and risk her leaking something far worse than Hawaiian Punch on the carseat later?

Miller got an unexpected answer, which she wrote about on Facebook.

So, do you suppose the incident made an impression on the little girl?

It sure sounds like it! Miller's post has been shared on Facebook 7,800 times, and its clearly made an impression on citizens of the Internet, too!

Lots of comments, as you'd expect, are about how wonderful the mysterious stranger is and how much they love the whole uplifting story.

But of course the Internet just wouldn't be the Internet if some people didn't crawl out of the woodwork to call Miller's parenting decisions into question.

Not too many people faulted Miller's actions, though — most of them blamed those &@%$ auto-flush toilets!

Though several people had solutions for that problem.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with many crediting Miller herself and thanking her for accepting the help.

Allowing strangers to help is something some parents don't feel comfortable doing these days, which can discourage would-be Samaritans from reaching out.

While Miller hasn't found the helpful stranger to thank her directly yet, that doesn't mean there isn't a happy ending to this story.

In her post, Miller said she hoped the story would inspire others to be kind, just like the stranger was. And it looks like it certainly has. So, would you offer to help a stranger in a public restroom? Would you accept help if someone offered it to you?