Moment Elephant Touches Trunks With Her Daughter and Granddaughter After Reuniting

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An African elephant has finally reunited with her daughter after being separated for more than a decade, and the photos prove that an elephant never forgets.

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With deep family roots and strong emotional bonds, they are far more superior than we give them credit for.

These elephants are usually spotted in groups of around 6 or 7 females, and they are known to join other groups of elephants to form a larger group.

And they are very much loved and respected all across the continent.

As a result of human activity, the African elephant is now listed as vulnerable by WWF.

The first is poaching – Like the Asian elephant, African elephants are relentlessly poached for their ivory tusks.

As urbanization, industrial development, and agricultural expansion increase, African elephants’ habitats are shrinking rapidly.

And the ones who have survived our destruction?

Well, captivity is the only answer.

And it’s all thanks to our impact on their habitats.

Elephants are usually at the top of a tourist’s list, and locals have been cashing in on the exploitation of these animals for decades now.

These elephants are trained and often beaten into submission, which slowly chips away at their souls and characters.

However, not all captive environments are so cruel.

There are so many national parks and zoos that provide these elephants with the environment and care that they deserve.

She was finally reunited with her nineteen-year-old daughter Tana, after twelve years apart.

Resulting in the best reunion pictures.

She lived there from 1983 to 1997, after which she was sent to Tierpark Berlin to breed.

And it’s true what they say, elephants always remember.

The zoo brought the family together as part of a program to bring herds together in captivity.

However, visitors can see the elephants in their outdoor area.

The Zoo director, Dr Dennis Muller, said: “Pori’s arrival in Halle is an important step in modern elephant husbandry.” “In the future, all elephant herds in European zoos should be cared for in such natural family structures. Today we have come a great deal closer to this goal.”

Allowing experts to get a deeper understanding of herd compositions and their moves in the wild. Which is essential in the survival of the species.

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