Moment Mom, 30, Discovered She Was Having Quadruplets | 22 Words

A mom has opened up about the shocking moment she discovered she was having quadruplets...

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world.

Newborn babies are hard work, that's for sure.

But what about if you've given birth to quadruplets?

Well, it doesn't bear thinking about.

That's 4 screaming babies, 4 lots of diaper changes, 4 babies wanting milk...

The list goes on.

Well, one woman knows this feeling well.

In July, thirty-year-old Natalie Maree from Western Australia gave birth to quadruplets Maioha, Frankee, Marley, and Maddison.

It's been a rocky road to motherhood...

And this week, Natalie recalled the jaw-dropping moment she found out she was carrying not 1 but 4 babies.

Several years ago, Natalie was diagnosed with "unexplained infertility," called "anovulation."

Her condition meant she had to have hormones injected into her to stimulate regular ovulation.

Despite years of fertility struggles...

Amazingly, she and her husband Kahn managed to get pregnant with their now 2-year-old daughter Kiki.

So of course...

Natalie thought she'd lucked out when she found out she was pregnant again.

Twins run in her family so there was a "small chance" she would have a multiple pregnancy...

But nothing could prepare her for what was about to happen.

Natalie was expecting not 1 but 4 babies!

After having so many fertility issues, this must have come as a huge shock. Mother nature has a very weird way of working, right?

The mum-of-5 gave birth to the quadruplets via C-section at thirty-four weeks...

Following months of weekly scans to check that they were all developing well.

Since their birth, Natalie has been sharing regular updates about daily family life on her Instagram page, Kiki and the Quads.

She is incredibly honest and candid about life as a mom of 5.

She's even opened up about her body image issues since giving birth.

Debunking myths surrounding the post-baby bounce back. "The reality is I'd be lying to myself and all of you if I said I loved what my belly looks like now," she wrote on one of her posts.

Natalie's honest posts have resonated with thousands of parents around the world...

And many of her followers have thanked her for "keeping it real" and being so "brave."

But this week, Natalie has revealed exactly what it felt like the moment she found out she was carrying 4 babies.

"At our seven-week dating scan, I lay down and the sonographer ran the wand over my belly," Natalie told That's Life.

After looking at the screen...

She actually thought she was having twins. "Squinting at the fuzzy screen, I spotted 2 sacs. 'Twins!" I squealed, pointing,'" she said.

But the sonographer was quick to correct her...

And told her that there were actually 4 babies, not 2.

But it still didn't sink in.

Because Natalie mistakenly thought he meant triplets. "'Triplets!' I cried."

"But slowly the sonographer shook his head. Then, without a word, he held up four fingers!" Natalie recalled.

She said her husband, Kahn, "almost passed out," at the news. Think we'd all have that reaction, Kahn!

As for Natalie?

Well, she said her "jaw dropped" when she found out she was expecting quadruplets. Well, it looks like they're more than happy now their 4 babies are here. Congratulations to the family of 7! For more parenting stories, scroll on to read how one mom accidentally named her twins after TV characters...