Moms Are Doing Their Makeup Before Giving Birth and We’re Loving It

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Childbirth isn’t one of the most glamorous moments in a woman’s life, is it?

The act of pushing a human child out of your nether-regions is always going to leave you looking a little worse for wear – sweating profusely, covered in blood and all sorts of other bodily fluids… You get the gist.

So it comes as no surprise that most women choose to not wear any makeup during their labor… Because what’s the point if you’re just going to sweat and scream it all off?

But some find solace in their beautifully made-up faces and have been dolling themselves up, to comfort themselves while they go through the trauma of childbirth. Yep, women all over the world are now blending, contouring, and highlighting as they give birth to their children and, can I just say… They look incredible.

Keep scrolling to see these remarkable women, and just how amazing they looked during one of the most challenging days of their lives.

When you’re not feeling your best, a touch of makeup can instantly transform both your appearance and your mood.

Going out for a fancy dinner, meeting with friends, going on a night out on the town…

Yes, you read that correctly. The latest trend of this decade is women wearing full faces of makeup while they give birth.

And eyeshadow palettes and lip glosses are in.

And they couldn’t look better. Keep scrolling to see some moms completely rocking childbirth…

“Contractions? Highlight that b***h”, beauty blogger, Leanne Jarrell wrote alongside pictures of herself topping up her highlight during her labor.

Lindsay Bryan’s highlight was also popping! And she didn’t let her labor get in the way of her work, as she continued to advertise the products she was using. We truly are the best multitaskers, aren’t we?

Beauty blogger, Alaha Majid, admitted that she would apply her makeup in between each contraction. “Yes, I was doing my makeup while I was in labor! I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed.”

And brought along a full station of her favorite beauty products.

When the contractions became too much to handle, Alaha’s husband stepped up to the challenge and finished her blush for her. What a guy.

And this expectant mom-to-be was camera-ready.

A little bit of labor wasn’t going to stop Alexis Jayda from filming her regular makeup tutorials.

I don’t know what to be more in awe at, the new-born baby or those eyelashes…

The California-based blogger, Mary Irwin, had eyelashes to kill when she gave birth to her daughter.

Luckily for her, her sister-in-law is a makeup artist who was ready to swoop into the rescue. “I arrived at 12 pm and her contractions had fully slowed down and she was a bit stressed so I said let me do your makeup,” her sister, Tegan Woodford, wrote, “Halfway through doing her makeup she was so relaxed that her contractions sped up to every few mins.”

Tegan may have started something here! She wrote: “I think I’m onto something here – Getting your makeup done whilst in labor relaxes you, speeds up the process and makes you look good!” Watch and learn, ladies…

Sisters are great in times like these…

To comfort her during her labor, this mom’s makeup-artist sister gave her a pre-birth makeover. “My sister brought a beautiful baby girl into the world last night. And obviously I had to make sure she looked good doing it, so I gave her a little glam sesh pre-birth.”

But, with a little help from her foundation and highlighter, she was completely glowing.

Her makeup stayed put throughout the full birth… How is this possible when my makeup won’t even stay on during a night out?

Waterproof mascara, ladies! Tisha Rae learned this the hard way, as she cried most of her makeup off. She wrote: “I put all this makeup on just to cry 75% of it off lol… on the bright side it will be a good story to tell my kids in the future.”

These women make childbirth look good.

And who says girls don’t run the world? For more on the grizzly details of childbirth, keep scrolling…