Moms Defend Getting Their Babies Ears Pierced Saying They ‘Look Cute’

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Some moms have come under fire on TikTok for sharing videos showing their babies having their ears pierced.

In posts that have caused a divide on the social media app, some users felt that it was “cruel” for babies to get the procedure as they were too young to give their consent, while others called it “cute” and highlighted the fact they wouldn’t be able to remember the pain.

In one video, that has since gone viral, a mom called Kristy can be seen holding her daughter still while she gets her ears pierced.

The post, which has been viewed more than six million times, garnered a mixed response.

One person wrote: “Completely unnecessary and cruel! I had mine done as a baby and now the holes are in the wrong place of my ear because obvs they stretched too so I couldn’t even get my second holes done. Also, a total choking hazard if it falls out, plus babies roll around all over the floor and have their fingers in their ears all the time.”

Another commented: “My girls had their ears pierced when they were old enough to make that decision themselves, I wouldn’t have dreamed of making that decision for them at such a young age. It was heartbreaking enough holding them while they had vaccinations, never mind holding them while they had this done. It’s cosmetic and does not benefit the child, it’s for the parents, not the child selfish.”

However, rushing to her defense, a third shared: “As someone who has their ears pierced at 6 months I don’t even remember it. What I do remember is the pain from my ear pierced at 8 (my choice) and running out of the place with just one ear done. I’m grateful my parents got my ears pierced young I am not traumatized from it nor am I a child of abusers far from bloody child abuse all these comments are ridiculous.”

And a fourth added: “I have 3 girls, all had their ears pierced at a young age – 3 years, eleven months and 2 years old. Had more trouble with 2 years old than any of them, she was reluctant to allow studs to be turned daily. Eleven month old never touched her ears as she grew up thinking they were a part of her body. All are in their forties and still wear earrings.”

Kristy shared a follow-up post of her daughter’s new earrings, captioning the video “soo precious.”

But Kristy isn’t the only mom to receive backlash for piercing her baby’s ears. Another mom called Norma encountered the same reaction when she shared her daughter’s piercing process.

The video, which has been watched over 8 million times, shows her baby erupting into tears.

One person asked: “Why make the most beautiful baby cry?”

However, another wrote: “So cute.”

What do you think about parents piercing their babies ears?