Moms Go Crazy for Space Saving Christmas Tree That Kids Can’t Knock Over

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Christmas is coming…

It’s time to be thinking about how you’re going to deck the halls this year.

The thing is though, as much as we might want to get the biggest Christmas tree in all the land, it might not be feasible.

Whether you live in a tiny flat, you’ve got a cat or you’ve got a kid… there are things to consider when choosing your tree.

One mom has come up with an ingenious space-saving DIY Christmas tree that can’t get knocked over.

Make a statement this Christmas by doing things a little differently…

I mean, when you come into someone’s home over the holiday season it’s the first thing you notice.

Cats are naturally compelled to climb trees…

So a tree covered in baubles in their home is going to tempt them.

But you can consider thinking of getting an alternative tree to prevent having a living room full of smashed baubles.

Remembering how much space you have to play with can be difficult when picking your tree. It’s natural for us just think we want the biggest and best. Of course, that can cause problems when trying to get it through the front door.

the harder it can be to decorate.

Obviously giving your child the responsibility of being the Christmas tree is a bit far…

In a world of eco-conscious warriors, chopping down trees to decorate and display in the home for a few weeks is becoming more and more unpopular.

As effective as this tactic is at keeping pets at bay it isn’t that aesthetically pleasing.

One way to protect your toddler from pulling down the Christmas tree would be putting a baby-pen around the tree. Alternatively, you could put the baby pen around the baby… but eh, up to you.

This simple yet effective tree design only requires finding a couple of sticks and a bit of string… in theory.

I wonder if the maintenance department noticed they were missing a ladder…

One cat owner creating a pet-proof tree out of a twig and some metal wires.. hmm, pretty.

I wonder if anyone actually wears baubles in their beard during the holiday season…

I mean this Christmas tree alternative isn’t going to win any prizes but it is pet-proof and it does sort of look like a Christmas tree, right?

Then this novel chalkboard Christmas tree design is a great idea!

And truthfully, I actually think this one is pretty good.

All you will need is a wooden frame, copper wire, fake fir or tinsel, and some fairy lights.

Not only is this tree pet-proof, baby-proof, space-proof and more eco-friendly than chopping down an actual tree… but this DIY Christmas tree looks really sophisticated.

It seems like a lot of people will be attempting to make this DIY tree this Christmas.   Continue scrolling for a list of the most annoying Christmas songs of all time…