Breastfeeding shouldn't be something women are ashamed of, yet there's still a stigma surrounding it. What better way to tackle that than sharing videos to normalize this "taboo" subject.

Moms are always finding new ways to share baby content, and the latest has got the internet in hysterics.

Keep scrolling for some seriously funny reactions from babies that have just been flashed by their moms...

Millions of moms around the world breastfeed their babies...

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And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things that we parents can do for our children...

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But sadly, there is a stigma surrounding this method of feeding.

Even though every woman has a right to feed her baby at any time or place...

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Many are made to feel uncomfortable when feeding their baby in a public space - which shouldn't be the case at all.

There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding...

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And everyone needs to realize this.

Some women have been eager to end this stigma behind breastfeeding...

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And some moms on TikTok have thought up some pretty creative ways to deal with haters...

By adding a slice of comedy to their morning feed...

And people are loving it!

However, not everyone agrees...

Some have been pretty vocal about their distaste for the videos.

Some women are even shaming the moms on their posts.

That's just not on.

Of course, everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

But there's no need for the negative comments!

If you didn't' know, TikTok is the dark place where people go when they're bored...

And at the minute, that's every second of the day.

There's no way out.

Each video will take you further and further into the void.

TikTok moms are literally the best...

I mean they've come up with something pretty revolutionary.

The videos have left everyone in hysterics.

Mom's everywhere are trying out the challenge of flashing their breastfed babies, the reactions are priceless.

That's right... Mothers are flashing their babies for the content.

But by the looks of things the babies aren't all that bothered, in fact, they look pretty happy to me...

This is literally me when the waiter brings my food.

And it seems that babies are no different.

So when their moms flash, they know dinners coming.

They can't contain their excitement, crawling as fast as they can to the front of the queue. I love how she even licked her lips!

The expressions on their little faces are too much!

The backing track: "Drop 'Em Out" by Wheeler Walker, completes the videos beautifully.

The excitement of it all actually caused this little guy to walk for the first time!

The world seriously needs this right now.

If you're not smiling at this, something's up.

Why are these videos so satisfying?

These babies would beat my mile time no problem...

As long as there were boobs at the finish line, obviously. Keep scrolling to check out what Reese Witherspoon is doing on TikTok...