Mom’s Parenting Applauded After She Punished 10-Year-Old Son for Destroying Classmate’s Coat

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A no-nonsense mother has achieved viral praise this week after she shared the punishment she dished out to her ten-year-old son after he destroyed his classmate’s coat.

He won’t be doing that again in a hurry, that’s for sure…

Every parent is different, every child is different, and every situation is different.

As there are countless ways in which parents can mold their children into decent, well-rounded human beings.

Well, this is when opinions become somewhat divided.

To spank or not to spank your child, to confiscate their toys or not to confiscate their toys – the list goes on.

While others are not so lenient.

Melissa Wade, from Leeds, U.K, achieved viral fame this week after she shared the firm punishment she used on her ten-year-old son, Finley.

Much to Melissa’s horror, of course.

Speaking to local media, the twenty-seven-year-old mom of 6 said: “I am so angry and disappointed in him, it is disgusting what he has done and I want to make it very clear to him that it is not acceptable.”

Melissa added that she does not condone that behavior and that Finley will “learn the hard way.”

His enraged mother took to social media on Friday to share in a now-deleted post just how she taught her son a lesson.

Other parents are absolutely loving the stand she took and quickly took to the social app to applaud her initiative.

Well, despite the school insisting that they had handled the situation, Melissa took matters into her own hands by making Finley give the child whose coat he had destroyed his brand new Christmas coat as an apology.

“Myself and Finley’s dad discussed that you never know somebody’s situation. That family could have scrimped and scraped to buy that coat.”

And, incredibly, Melissa has plans to reuse the punishment in the future if she ever needs to. She said: “Finley will be warned if he does anything like this again. The next time it will be his PlayStation he is handing over.” Way to go, Melissa! For more controversial parenting stories, keep scrolling…