Moms online are asking people to stop using the term "fur babies" when referring to their dogs and pets, with some getting pretty upset and even offended by the endearing term.

Those with animals know the undeniable love you have for your pet, with some dedicated owners going so far as to treat their animals like royalty. However, there is no point denying that raising a child is severely different from owning a dog.

"I've heard it all. 'Fur baby,' 'fur grandbaby' 'fur niece/nephew' (literally). It's honestly retarded," SouthernAirline6 wrote on Reddit. They then posted their comment in the r/unpopular opinion thread, where it received mass comments from supporters.

"Especially if you have an actual child, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN. They are animals. They do not have the capacity for sentient thought or speech or communication. They are dogs or cats or whatever animal, not your fur baby."

They opened the floor for questions and comments, with many people replying, saying that it can be deemed extremely frustrating to have you raising your child compared to the needs of a chihuahua. It's for that reason many parents hate when you call your pets your "fur babies."

"I mean, I get it - you love your dog more than most people in your life - but c'mon, it's different. You don't have to arrange 24/7 care for your dog. Nobody quits their job because they got a dog and are going to be a stay-at-home fur baby-daddy. Nobody gets a dog at twenty and drops out of college to care for it. I don't know anyone who would die, without hesitation for their dog. You love your dog. But it's not comparative to being a parent," one person commented.

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"My mother says that our 2 dogs are my brothers, like actual brothers... makes me cringe to my very core," another wrote.

Another pointed out that it's the "docile" nature of dogs that means those with controlling personality traits enjoy having something they can't criticize.

"Most people who call them that anyway only like them because they are docile and can't give their actual opinions on things or criticize you like another human can. They enjoy having something that they can control and will love them no matter what, plain and simple. Imagine these same people caring for a tiger or a wolf. Let's see how much more they 'love' animals more than people then."

However, some comments defended the title, saying that for those who don't or can't have children, pets can be considered a large part of the family: "My husband and I don't have children (maybe ever, at least yet) and our dogs are basically our kids. They require round the clock care, medical care, feeding, exercise, etc. about as much as a toddler (unless you're a dick that neglects your dogs).

"We can't travel without taking them with us or hiring a house sitter to stay with them, that's pretty similar to a kid lol. I'll keep calling them my fur babies because I like it and they love me."

Maybe the term allows people to feel closer to their paw pals, pretending that they are actually their mothers, or it makes them feel more important because, without them, they feel their pet wouldn't be able to survive. However, some feel like if it's a pet, it should stay a pet, because dogs don't know the difference, do they?